18 month courtship


Dear Hillary,

I did the right thing, that you talk about all the time, where I courted this Thai woman for 18 months. Slowly went from holding hands to kissing on dates. She got drunk one night and I looked after her, bucket beside the bed and all that. Slowly went from there where she would stay watching movies with me, and finally sleep over, but no sex. It certainly took time, but I was accepting it as this was a professional woman. Come my birthday and we went to dinner to celebrate, and I thought this was going to be THE night and she then floors me by saying she wanted to go back to only seeing each other occasionally as it was too much for her. I had no option but to accept this, but then one of my office girls told me she had seen her with another man in the shopping center. A couple of weeks later she posts in Facebook that she was going to America with the boyfriend. That’s where she is now, so I’ve got no chance. If this is how your good girls work, I’ll stick to my local bar, I get looked after and not the other way around.

Taken for a ride

Dear Taken for a ride,

A sad tale, but human responses are difficult to understand at times. However, it doesn’t sound to me that she was stringing you along, but just that she met someone else and fell in love, while with you, she fell in ‘like’. Hard to take, but I hope writing about it makes you feel less bitter.