Put your best face forward with creams, botox and ultherapy


There are many ways to look younger and brighter. Many try expensive creams and lotions to pump up the collagen, tighten facial muscles and moisturize. Then there is botolinum toxin.

“Botox,” as it is commonly known, offers an immediate fix, with changes noticed in just 3-4 days. With regular treatment, changes can become permanent within 4-6 months. Easy and quick, the process suits the lifestyle of many busy people, but has to be applied only by experts as it can reshape facial features forever. Done right, however, it can offer rounder eyes, bigger noses and thicker cheeks.

There are, however, some cautions to consider before spending your money on botox. While many clinics are using under standardized medicine and materials, your body’s cells could build up resistance, possibly dampening results. Botox may not always bring about the changes you desire.

A new, competing therapy trend is “ultherapy,” which highlights the method of uplifting by ultrasound on the face and neck to improve skin laxity and it is completely non-surgical.

This treatment triggers the body’s own regenerative process of building new collagen to lift and tighten the skin – gradually, naturally, and from the inside out. It can stay with you 2-4 years.

It is advisable to pick just the solutions best suited to you and your skin. There are many different methods available to try that have few side effects. Most importantly, study any treatment thoroughly and talk to your doctor before making a decision.

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