IceLAB – the modern Cryo-Spa


SE Asia has now joined the modern European spas with the opening of the IceLAB at the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya.  This Cryo-Spa in Pattaya is the first of its type in SE Asia.

Whole Body Cryotherapy (cold) is a short-term passive physical therapy that has a systemic effect.  Typically, therapeutically effective temperatures in the range of minus 110°C are used for this therapy.  It works according to the “stimulus – reaction – adaptation” principle.

Whole body cryotherapy applications are used both therapeutically and to optimize performance.  The short-term (2 – 3 minutes) cold stimulus working intensively on almost the entire body surface during the minus 110°C whole-body cryotherapy activates a short-term series of reflex activities in the central nervous system with fast-acting pain relief and inhibition of inflammation as well as improved blood circulation and oxygen uptake by the muscles.

In the IceLAB the visitors experience immediate pain relief that lasts several hours.  It helps to erase the hypersensitive pain memory formed in patients suffering chronic pain, and the central pain sensors are desensitized.  Pain mitigation is appreciable and effective, accompanied by a reduction in the use of analgesic and a significant improvement in the Quality of Life.

This is the basis for the successful utilization of IceLAB, particularly in:

Acute traumatic and postoperative situations and rehabilitation

Inflammatory and degenerative rheumatic diseases

Chronic headache


Immune-Modulating Effect of Cryotherapy:

There is a reduction in inflammatory and irritated stimuli in hypersensitive immune reactions.

IceLAB may therefore also be used successfully to treat:


Bronchial asthma

Improvement of Athletic Performance:

The performance-enhancing effect of cryotherapy has been scientifically demonstrated.  Its use in performance sports increases stamina while reducing the heart rate.  Mental stimulation in preparation for performance is clearly also important.  These effects may be used successfully across the entire spectrum of sports from fitness maintenance to high performance athletics.  The applications of whole-body cryotherapy prevent the development of muscle soreness and improve both toleration of muscle soreness and sleep quality by reducing the accumulation of harmful metabolic byproducts.

Faster Recovery and Shortening of the Traumatic and Postoperative Rehabilitation Stages:

Bringing top performers back to peak fitness as quickly as possible after the event is the most important topic in performance sports.  Use of the IceLAB creates the conditions needed for more intensive training episodes – an important contribution with no harmful side effects.

In addition to pain relief, acceleration of healing is also important.  This makes IceLAB an ideal supplement to conventional physical therapy.

There are even more benefits from the IceLAB Cryo-Spa.  The IceLAB climate affects both body and psyche.  The increase in physical performance in combination with a general activation and improvement of psychological profile quickly turn a visit to the IceLAB into a favorite ritual.

The visitor experiences exceptional results in the treatment of:

Burn-out syndrome

Fatigue and exhaustion

Circulatory disorders


Sleep disorders

The Cryo-Spa procedure has proved its efficacy over two decades of use in the USA and Europe – and it is now available in Thailand.

For more information telephone 1719, or email [email protected].