My name is Nun and I was born disabled


My name is Nun and I am 10 months old. I know it doesn’t look like anything is wrong with me but I have weak bones. It is called something like os-te-o-po-ro-sis. It means my bones break easily. I need to have a babysitter to watch me all the time to be sure I don’t fall down. My mom makes 7000 baht a month, but she has to pay 4500 baht out of that to the babysitter.

My weak bones come from my mom, but her condition is worse than mine. My mom cannot walk. She has legs but they don’t work. She has to use a dolly with four wheels to move around. It looks like fun to me, but I can only play on it when she is on it too.

I love my mom. She is super. She takes good care of me. She cooks my food, feeds me, gives me a bath and helps me fall sleep by swinging my hammock.

We live in a shophouse in Laem Chabang, where other disabled grown-ups stay and kids like me, too. They also come here to find work. My mom works at home so she can be with me. She works on the floor here and sticks labels on to plastic bags. I like to help her too, but she says its best if I don’t.

My mom has an old wheelchair but she doesn’t like to count on someone else to push her around. She wants to get an electric wheelchair so we can go around all by ourselves.

My mom found one on the internet. It was used by someone before and cost 30,000 baht. These cool Jesters heard about this and said they would like to buy it for us. The wheelchair was up country and they wanted to pay for bringing it down too. But my mom said it was OK; that she would pay for it.

When the wheelchair came to our home we were very excited. The Jesters came to see it too. They asked again about paying the bus that brought it here. When they heard it cost 4000 baht they paid back my mom right on the spot. After all, that amount is almost the same my babysitter gets in a month!

This is me with mom in our new wheelchair.This is me with mom in our new wheelchair.

My mom says the new wheelchair is life changing. She says now we can go to the local market without having anyone push us. But the best thing is that mom lets me work the joystick on the wheelchair too. Well, at least sometimes…

Oh, the places we will go!

If you want to help other disabled kids like me, check out the Jesters at www. or to go to FB Jesters Care for Kids.

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Children’s Fair is Sunday, September 6th at Regents International School Pattaya.

GPN is Saturday, September 19th at Amari Ocean Pattaya.

This is my mom cooking some icky grown-up food.This is my mom cooking some icky grown-up food.

This is me getting a bath from my mom and dad.This is me getting a bath from my mom and dad.