Search finds no clue on missing giraffe


CHACHOENGSAO – A team of paramotor pilots supported a search operation to find a giraffe, escaped from a container truck and still on the loose in Chachoengsao province.

Zoo staff and local rescue teams scoured the area on land and also flew a drone to search for the giraffe, imported from Africa by Safari World Zoo.

Two giraffes went loose from the container truck at Bang Khla intersection on Route 304, Chaochoengsao-Phanom Sarakham while they were being transported from Suvarnabhumi Airport to a breeding station in Prachin Buri on Jan 28.

It is believed the cage was accidentally left unlatched, so the giraffes could escape when the truck stopped at traffic lights.

One of them was captured by a tranquilizing shot later.

The surrounding terrain, where the giraffe has disappeared are paddy fields, grassland, eucalyptus forest and ponds.

Search continues and local villagers were asked through social media to inform officials if they spot the giraffe.

The search in the five –kimometre radius failed to find any trace of the animal.