Gas leak sparks fire in Sattahip coffee truck

The mobile coffee shop selling ancient coffee is engulfed in flames.

A gas leak sparked a fire that heavily damaged a coffee truck in Sattahip Wednesday.

Bystanders used fire extinguishers to battle the flames consuming the modified pickup truck outside Luang Por Ee Temple until firefighters arrived. No one was injured.

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Owner Kesorn Satta, 45, said she was boiling water in the back of the truck when the picnic-sized gas tank she uses burst into flames. She ran quickly from the truck expecting the cannister to explode. It didn’t.

Officials speculated fumes leaked from the tank and were ignited by the open flame.

Everyone in the area rushed in to help put out the fire, including the policeman with a bucket of water.

Two men struggle with a fire extinguisher as another sprays water on the burning vehicle.


Neighbors inspect the mobile coffee shop after the fire was extinguished. The neighboring fruit juice stand was not damaged.

Fortunately, the gas canister did not explode.

As people help to clean up the mess caused by the fire, other stalls nearby thank their lucky stars that their businesses were spared.