World of Sport Restaurant


The love of sport is world-wide, and in any part of the world at any time of the clock, there will be some sporting event somewhere.  Keeping this in mind, Scott Conway and Glenda Sponder are keeping their World of Sport Restaurant open 24 hours a day.  And in addition have two separate satellite systems, so now you will never miss that important football match, even if it is in Brazil and telecast here at 3 a.m.  Free Wi-Fi as well.

The restaurant, which is around 200 meters from the Dolphin roundabout on the Pattaya-Naklua road, and opposite the Woodlands Resort, is not difficult to find and the sign says it serves English, European, Mexican and Thai food.  That is not correct.  The World of Sport Restaurant serves far more than that; in fact I would call the cuisine “world” food, and as we found out later, serves enormous helpings.

The restaurant is divided into two sections, the first open to the street, with plenty of overhead fans and the second set further back inside the building, but also a fan area.

If you didn’t know this was a sports bar, you would know by the time you walk into the first section.  Large TV screens everywhere and banners and posters relating to many sports all over the walls.

Owners Scott and Glenda have been at this location for four and a half years, and were previously at another couple of restaurants, so they are not new to the game, and have found and refined this formula over that time.  Glenda has taught their Thai chefs and they are now proficient at the different cuisines on offer.  Glenda said, “There are a lot of different nationalities here,” and she obviously wants to cater to them all!

The menu is so large, I recommend that you devote at least 20 minutes to go through it before you order.  I am not joking.  It begins with daily specials, all are three courses and are between B. 199-299 and that includes the Sunday roast.  Panini sandwiches are next (B. 110-150) and that leads us to breakfasts.  Don’t worry if you are the sort of person who gets up 4 p.m. – breakfasts are 24 hours as well.  The ‘Full Monty’ is B. 170 and has about two of everything.  It will last you all day.

There are the English bacon and chip butties, Mexican chips and dips, and then you come to the steaks.  How about an imported Australian 350 gm sirloin for B. 350?  If that isn’t the best bargain around, show it to me.

Other dishes on the packed menu includes Euro items, Mexican with chicken fajitas, Indian cuisine, Italian pizzas, German dishes – the menu just goes on and on.  No, children have not been forgotten with plenty of B. 75 choices, and of course there is Thai food at around B. 110.

We both came away from the World of Sport Restaurant hardly able to walk.  The portions are enormous.  It was the first time in my life I thought I would have to ask for a doggy bag for a hamburger!  If it wasn’t the largest burger in town, it must go close.  Size aside, both of us were also very happy with our choices, Madame even going so far as to describe her shepherd’s pie as “Superb!”  If you are looking for a 24 hour sports bar, that is also a 24 hour restaurant, this venue is for you.

The World of Sport Restaurant is unique in Pattaya.  A restaurant which stays open 24 hours and has TV feeds to cover all the sports.  A restaurant that serves meals so large that it would be almost impossible to eat one’s way through appetizers, main course and desserts.  It is not haute cuisine or fine dining, and does not even pretend to be, but it is a restaurant that can inexpensively feed a hungry horde, day or night, and allows its patrons to indulge their love for sport, no matter where that sport is played, or at what time.

World of Sport Restaurant, 200 meters up the Pattaya-Naklua Road from the Dolphin roundabout, opposite the Woodlands Resort, on-street parking, open 24 hours.