Tavern by the Sea


On the day that we had arranged to go to the Amari’s Tavern by the Sea, the traffic was chaotic with the Bangkok refugees all fleeing to the coast.  After turning into Beach Road and driving into the Tavern by the Sea’s secure parking area, it was like finding an oasis.  And on walking into the Tavern, and being greeted warmly, the stage had been already set for an enjoyable evening.

It had been about one year since we had done a formal review of the Tavern by the Sea, which had been done not long after its changeover from Henry J. Beans.  Just the way the staff responded to us was enough to show that they had certainly settled in to the new venue.

For those who are uncertain of the location, it is about 50 meters after turning into Beach Road having come from the Dolphin Roundabout, passing the Amari main entrance and the Mantra restaurant.

The Tavern by the Sea is set up as a sports bar, with 14 screens dotted around the walls, and a large screen in the center with settee/sofas for relaxing while watching one’s favorite sport.  There are alcoves along one wall, free-standing tables in the middle and a horseshoe sit-up bar along one side.

The Tavern by the Sea concept is that of a sports bar which also sells food, rather than a restaurant which sells beer.  And speaking of beers, Resident Manager Max Sieracki was quick to tell me they had eight beers on tap, with half pints of Heineken or Tiger at B. 80.  They also have (the once impossible to get) Carlsberg.

The main menu begins with appetizers (B. 150-220) with potato wedges at the low end and chicken wings at the top.  Salads next up (B. 160-220) and then soups, all creams (B. 120-160).

Many pizzas are on offer (B. 240 Margarita) through to Four cheese at B. 360.  These are followed by the different pastas (B. 230) and burgers (B. 260-320), sandwiches (B. 180-300), BBQ’s and grills (from B. 200 but a premium on imported steaks), pub favorites and Thai favorites as well.  Plenty of choices for everyone.

The Kid’s menu comes on a coloring page, complete with coloring pencils supplied.  Children’s favorites are all at B. 90, including hot dog, chicken nuggets, eggs, pizzas and mini-burgers.

I decided to go for the half rack of ribs, and how anyone can find room for a whole rack I do not know.  Huge, smoked Chicago style and a wonderfully flavorsome BBQ sauce to go with them.  There was also a side dish with assorted steamed vegetables to go with it and at B. 300 is a bargain.

The ‘junior tasters’ that evening chose the hot dog and baked beans and the chicken nuggets, fries and baked beans.  A combined verdict of “aroy maak” was given.

During the evening, I spoke with the new executive chef, Kai-Uwe Klenz.  A charming chap, who retains a passion for his food creations.  Amusing as well, telling me that he dreams in English but with subtitles in German.

It really had been a great evening.  There is so much more to enjoying dining out at a restaurant than just the food.  Of course, if the food is not top-notch, then the venue fails in its number one duty.  The Tavern by the Sea did not fail.  The adult meals were excellent, and the children’s meals hit the correct spot with the junior taste team.  However, the venue itself had a great ambience, and the staff were just superb.  The children were spoiled with attention and have already said they want to go back there again.  As Max said, “Today’s children are tomorrow’s customers.”  Highly recommended.

By the way, there are theme night as well, with curries on Mondays, carvery of Thursdays, Italian on Fridays and Churuscaria on Saturdays, but the a la carte, as reviewed, is also available every night.

Tavern by the Sea, Amari Orchid, Pattaya Beach Road, open seven days 11 a.m. until 1 p.m., secure car parking within the Amari grounds between the Tavern by the Sea and the Mantra restaurant.