Sunday Brunch on The Edge


In our house, Sundays are somewhat special.  It is the only day of the week where the whole family can be together, and that is why Sunday Brunch is such a favorite meal.

We tried the new Hilton’s Sunday Brunch held at The Edge restaurant in January and it was excellent.  OK, so it was new and the Hilton was trying to impress (which it did), but we returned at the end of February to see if the same high standard was being maintained.  Which it was!  And by the way, we did not tell the Hilton that we were coming to review their Sunday Brunch, that was something we thought about later.

I have to say I used to find the entrance to the Hilton somewhat confusing, having been used to the simply awful parking levels in the Central Festival, where you go round and round until you are dizzy, with some levels called ‘half’ floors.  To then find your way into the shopping center was bad enough, but to then find the way into the Hilton was worse.  But all that is a thing of the past!  Simply drive into the Hilton forecourt – from the driveway along the side of the building (approachable from both Second Road and Beach Road) get out and give the concierge the key.  Valet parking takes the hassle out of everything!

Arriving at The Edge we were seated and given a drinks menu which showed that most wines were B. 400 per glass.  Since a free flow of wines (white, red and sparkling) was only B. 600, it was no contest.  Our free flows started with a cold and very acceptable sparkler, a choice which suited us both during the brunch.

Madame began her brunch with some freshly shucked oysters and prawns, while I, emulating the high life, went immediately for the caviar on some very mouthwatering pieces of toast.  In front of the caviar were some ‘test-tubes’ with gazpacho, which also found their way to our table.  What a start to any brunch!

I followed that up with some oysters and on the ice were Alaskan King Crab legs, another of my favorites.  The charming hostess brought another sparkling wine, and I realized I would have to start counting or leave the car!

The range of offerings at this brunch is very extensive, and there is not enough space in this column to go through them all, but there is a Cold and Sushi station, a Japanese station, salads, a BBQ station with rock lobsters and tiger prawns, a cream of porcini cappuccino with truffle, oysters Rockefeller, eggs benedict, foie gras, Australian rib eye and leg of lamb, pizzas and more, plus desserts.

For me, one highlight was the Burmese curry khao soy (available in Chiang Mai), available as beef or chicken, complete with the fried noodles as well as the wet egg noodle, and all the additional dishes with the pickled cabbage, chopped onion, lemon and more depending upon your taste.  Glutton to the core, I had two plates of this delicious curry.

We finished with several cheeses, chased down by that so quaffable sparkling wine.  By this stage we had to call a halt – or otherwise call a taxi!  So enjoyable that I decided I should write a review!

How did we rate the Hilton Sunday Brunch the second time around?  Simply excellent, as it was the first time around.  The entertainment for children included a magician and balloon man – a fantastic plus.  It allows for a ‘family’ Sunday outing, but one in which the adults can indulge.  Sparkling wine, oysters and caviar is a fairly good start to any brunch, I am sure you will agree.  Don’t take our word for it – go and try it yourselves!  Very highly recommended.

The Edge restaurant, 15th floor Hilton Pattaya, 333/101 M9, above Central Festival, Second Road and Beach Road entrances with secure valet parking, telephone 038 253 000.  Sunday Brunch from 12 noon until 3 p.m., B. 1,200 (adults), free flow of wines (red, white and sparkling) B. 600, one child under 12 years free accompanied by one adult, two children under 12 free with two adults, extra children full price.