Steak Nai-Terd


When doing restaurant reviews, one tends towards the upper end of the scale, but there are many other restaurants which may be excellent in their own way, but unknown to the readers of this column. This week’s review is one of those.

Steak and sausage (Photo by Marisa Corness).
Steak and sausage (Photo by Marisa Corness).

Steak Nai-Terd was chosen for review after we had dined there on many previous occasions. Having found that it had produced consistent results, and the staff were very pleasant, the Dining Out Team decided to feature Steak Nai-Terd this week.

We are looking here at the very affordable end of the restaurant market, a no-frills eatery with plastic stools and a concrete floor and the vast majority of menu items are under B. 80.

Half of the area is open, with a covered section behind, leading up to the kitchen at the rear. Behind that is an area for car parking, shared with the noodle restaurant next door.

The menu does have photographs and begins with a mushroom soup at B. 39. After that comes several salads (B. 45-79) with an egg salad at the lower end and a smoked salmon at the top end.

Further into the menu comes baked spinach (B. 50), then chicken wings in a sweet sauce (B. 75).

Pasta dishes are next with several spaghetti items (B. 55-65), such as stir-fried spicy seafood, though clams ar an extra B. 50.

Fried rice comes in at B.50-60.

Now starts the steaks with pork with sausage and french-fries (B. 79), chicken with the sausage B. 69 and a Saba with teriyaki sauce B. 69.

Spaghetti carbonara.
Spaghetti carbonara.

Next up is a pork chop (B.120), salmon steak (B. 159), beef steak (B. 159), T-bone steak is B. 190 and striploin B. 159 and an interesting “Dolly” fish is B. 69. This I am sure is a phonetic rendering of dory fish. Fish and chips is B. 69.

There are a couple of pages of Thai items, no English sub-titles however! From this Thai section comes the most expensive item with a whole pla kapong fried in garlic at B. 280, but that is the whole fish remember.

Despite the road excavations, this budget-priced restaurant is worth finding. Dinner and drinks for Miss Terry and two junior testers came to well under B. 250 with spaghetti carbonara at B. 60, pork steak B. 69 and a pork steak with sausage and french-fries B. 79 (though I did get a bottle of alcohol from the neighboring 7-Eleven so that’s an extra B. 42). The food is good, portion size adequate and the service is fast. Not five star in any way, but fun. Just be careful not to drive into the drainage holes which are so deep there is Venezuelan music coming from them.

Covered area.
Covered area.

Steak Nai-Terd restaurant, Siam Country Club Road (under excavations!), next to the 7-Eleven before the Wanasin Market, hours 4 p.m. until 11 p.m., seven days (unless it is pouring with rain), parking behind the restaurant, tel. 083 114 4103 and 085 248 5347.