The molten cheese on the Cheesy bruschetta will keep the diced tomato off your lap.

It has been several years since our last visit to the PumPui restaurant on the Dark Side. Much has happened since then, both to dining out and to the restaurant itself, and now with the loosening of the post Covid–19 rules, a proper examination of PumPui was once again possible.

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Since our previous review some eons ago, there has been a change of ownership as well. This was a “new” restaurant in many ways, but the 38 chairs, tables, photographs, yellow walls and on-site parking were the same.

However, with alcohol now available again, kept at the correct temperature in a wine fridge and being neither extensive nor expensive, there is still a reasonable choice, with most around THB 1,000. The lower end of the wines has Australian Little Yerring Chardonnay, a pleasantly drinkable tipple (Stonefish would fit nicely into the range). Chilean wine is also sold by the glass and we did enjoy that as well.

PumPui was well known for its range of pizzas. I am pleased to say that full range is still there with some original items such as Lamb Kebab (THB 290) and their signature dish (THB 360), the which has tomato sauce, two cheeses, smoked chicken, peperoni, fried onion, egg, mushroom, red bell pepper, pineapple and Thai chilli sauce. The comparison tastes between some of the ingredient items will certainly make this a very interesting pizza.

Mention must be made of the Calzone (THB 290) which was huge. Inside it were ham, mushroom, cheese, onion, garlic and oregano. My co-writer was unable to finish his – there was just too much. If you are ordering this, have a healthy appetite, or share! This was the largest Calzone I have ever seen.

For my main I chose the Seared Chicken Breast with grilled lemon (THB 260), a beautifully presented dish and a hefty chicken! The mains come with your choice of sides, three types of potato and sauces – blue cheese, green pepper, red wine and mushroom.


Mains are in the 300-400 range and yes, there is Fish and Chips (THB 225 and a chicken burger at the same price). Pan-fried salmon steak is THB 425 and is the most expensive in the menu. Pork chop is THB 320.

There are 11 choices of pasta dishes, with the pasta base either spaghetti or penne. The pastas ranged between THB 185 (Arrabiatta) and THB 265 (including a Salmon and Lemon sauce and a Thai based Pad Kimao with shrimp, mussel, squid, Thai herbs and chilli) which sounds very spicy.

We were given a basket with breads, which are finished by being baked on site in the morning and are of an excellent standard.

Desserts are there for those who are not counting calories.

A clever modification to the Italian Bruschetta was a Cheesy Bruschetta. I have always found that while attempting to eat one, the diced tomato always ends up in my lap; however, with the molten cheese addition, the contents of the Bruschetta stay put!

Desserts are there for those who are not counting calories with Chocolate Lava Cake very popular.

PumPui is a step above the ordinary suburban restaurant, yet have managed to keep their prices down. The new owners told us that they have refurbishment plans coming which will enlarge the seating.

The Dining Out team was impressed with the cuisines on offer and the presentation of the dishes, and this is one restaurant you should put on your to-visit list.

PumPui restaurant Siam Country Club Road (150 meters before the “Chicken” intersection coming from the Sukhumvit end), Hours 11 a.m. until 10 p.m., Open seven days, pick-up and delivery available. Tel 098 369 5060.

Do try.