Pepper and Salt


There are many ways the Dining Out team gets to hear about restaurants that should be reviewed. For many it is word of mouth, for some recommendations from other ‘foodies’ and for others it is following an invitation to drop by from the restaurant owner.

With Pepper and Salt, it was a friend of the Dutch owner who suggested we should review this restaurant, and so contact was made and we went to firstly find the venue and then review it.

Pepper and Salt is on Soi Khao Talo corner of Soi 22, about three km outbound from the railway crossing, past all the built up areas, and continue on by a short piece of non-development and then there it is on your right hand side.

The restaurant is bistro style, under cover, but open to the roadway, with several overhead fans and lighting. Black basket-weave chairs with red cushions go with the overall décor which is predominantly red and black. The red-shirted service staff are very pleasant and obliging without being overbearing. It would appear that they have been well trained.

We met the Dutch owner/chef, Eddie, and I also took the opportunity to inspect the kitchens (one Euro and one Thai) and toilets. They were excellent.

So to the menus. House wine is B. 100 per glass (red and white and B. 350 for a carafe) and I sipped while going through the fairly extensive menu which begins with lunch choices, mainly Dutch snacks called “broodje” B. 75-125.

Continuing on with the beverages, local beers are B. 70-85, while wines which come from Australia, South Africa, NZ, Italy and Chile range between B. 890-1400, or by the glass B. 200-300.

Food begins with 13 appetizers (B. 95-175) including satays. Some soups are up next around B. 90, followed by seven salads (B. 180-240) and then into the mains which offers five different styles of beef dishes (B. 275-395) with a blue cheese tenderloin at the top end.

There are four pork steaks (B. 210-275, with a schnitzel at B. 220), five lamb items (B. 295-475), four chicken items (B. 180-230), four fish (B. 320-475) with the top item being a grilled sea bass with Hoisin sauce. It should also be noted that there is a choice of potatoes served as french-fries, mashed, fried or with rice.

The mains finish with three duck dishes at B. 275; however, the menu continues with Indonesian food (B. 250-275), Thai food (B. 120-275 but most in the B. 120-140 range), Chinese food (B. 50-275) and some Dutch items (B. 250-275).

We chose a salmon steak accompanied by mashed potatoes for Madame and a pork schnitzel with fried potato for myself. Madame reported no bones in her salmon which she enjoyed immensely, whilst I was very satisfied with my schnitzel. After that we sat back with a second glass of wine and just enjoyed being there. No hassles or hurry ups. It may be a bistro in style, but the food quality and service was like that of a full restaurant.

We both enjoyed the food and the ambience of Pepper and Salt. Whilst it is not in the center of town, it is only 3 km into the ‘Dark Side’ from the railway crossing. The menu covers different meats, poultry and seafood and with the additional Thai, Chinese and Indonesian items there is enough choices for everyone. The prices are extremely reasonable and the portions are large, making this restaurant very suitable for those on a budget. It was very busy the night we went for the review, and I do suggest you book, rather than be disappointed. Highly recommended.

Pepper and Salt, Soi Khao Talo corner Soi 22, telephone Eddie 085 596 2713, Open six days (closed Tuesdays), hours 11 a.m. until late (kitchen closes at 10 p.m.), on-street parking.