Pattaya Sheep Farm


Last week, the Dining Out Team of two adults and two children made a short trip out of Pattaya to go to the Pattaya Sheep Farm.  Let me say from the outset that this turned out to be one of the most fun reviews we have ever done with the children.

The Pattaya Sheep Farm has been going for only three months, so you can be excused for not knowing about it.  However, if after reading this review you haven’t taken your kids there, you will not be excused.

A little tricky to get there, but it is opposite the Regents School.  We drove past the Regents on our left and then the vehicle licensing center and then carried on Highway 36 and made a U-turn to come back past the Big Bee and look for the Sheep Farm signs.  Beware – the road is rutted after the recent rains.

The Sheep Farm sits on 20 rai of land with animal pens, a steakhouse, a few barns, an aviary, a Dutch windmill, some wigwams and more.  Entry to the Sheep Farm is 50 baht for adults and larger children and free for children under 110 cm.  Farang and Thai pay the same entry fee!  Now there’s a very welcome first for Pattaya!

Our children (city kids) were just enthralled by the farm, feeding sheep, cuddling lambs, patting oxen and miniature horses, looking at the spotted deer, wondering if the geese laid golden eggs, holding baby piglets outside the three houses that the three little pigs built to escape the big bad wolf and getting their photographs taken with the animals and the funky statues.  We must have spent an hour wandering around the grounds there before moving on to the steakhouse to do the food review.

The steakhouse is set up like a barn, all very rustic inside with wood slab tables and bench seating.  It can hold around 100 people, and they have an extra barn which can hold another 300, so tour groups can easily be accommodated.

The menu is printed on large boards and has enough choices to cover different tastes.  The Thai food is around B. 120.  Appetizers which include shrimp cocktails and spring rolls are B. 60-120.  Soups, and there are many kinds, are B. 100 and sandwiches B. 120-150.

Main dish choices on offer are burgers (B. 150-180), spaghetti (B. 180), pork schnitzel (B. 240), Chicken Kiev (B. 270) and lamb chops at the top at B. 300.

The chef is Thai who worked previously in hotels both in Thailand and the UK.

To go with our meal we chose a bottle of the Millstone Chardonnay (Australian) and good drinking at B. 880 a bottle.  Other bottles are all around B. 1,000 and local beers B. 65.  Again, not expensive.

We tried a variety of dishes, including fried rice, lamb chops with baked potato (B. 300), gaeng keowaan and the special which was lamb masaman with roti, which was superb, and I ate it in Indian style with the roti wrapped around the meat.

The Thai dishes had the authentic Thai taste according to Madame, who also commented on how tender were the lamb chops.  The children ate with gusto and finished with ice cream.  No complaints there at all.

The Pattaya Sheep Farm is a wonderful addition to the tourist attractions of Pattaya.  Fantastic fun (and education) for children, and a restaurant offering a la carte food of a good quality, and not over-priced at all.  If you have children, you must go.  Highest recommendation possible.

Pattaya Sheep Farm, off Highway 36 opposite the Regent’s School, telephone 081 154 9437, email [email protected], open seven days 10 a.m. until 10 p.m.  Parking on site.