Old Stuff Street Café and the coal scuttle


I am sure most readers will be aware of the adjective ‘eclectic’, (Concise Oxford: deriving ideas, taste, style etc., from various sources). Now meet the Old Stuff Street Café, a restaurant that can only be accurately described as ‘eclectic’.

I mean, after all, how many restaurants have you been to with a coal scuttle on display (and I am sure many non-British readers will have never seen a coal scuttle before) and a faux tree in the middle of the room and the whole lot overseen by a giant teddy bear! Yes, this is an eclectic ambience all rolled into one on Pratamnak Soi 4.

For those not sure of the area, Pratamnak Road is probably easiest entered from the top of the Thappraya Road hill. First soi on your left is 6 and count down to Soi 4 from there. Old Stuff Street Café is about 100 meters down Soi 4 on the right hand side. Plenty of on-street parking too.

The restaurant has a small al fresco area outside with alloy tables and chairs, all very practical. The interior is air-conditioned with an amazing mixture of tables and chairs, much wood on the walls, the aforementioned tree and teddy bear, and a central coffee station.

The menu is one of the best I have seen for some time, being totally photographic. It begins with breakfasts with five dedicated sets (B. 139-179) with smoked salmon at the top end.

Salads (B. 89-189) are followed by steaks (B. 229-269) and even a fish and chips at B. 229.

Then comes the burgers, and Old Stuff Street Café prides itself on it different burgers with each available as beef, pork or chicken. The charcoal (black) burgers are very popular and the color is applied to the bread ingredients during the baking. Burgers are B. 179-219 dependent on the sides you want to go with the burger (sautéed potato and bacon and mushroom or fried chips).

There are also choco-almond burger buns and plain buns that the guests can write upon using special non-toxic coloring pens.

The menu moves into spaghetti (B. 159-179), grills (B. 119-269) with salmon at the top. Then there are spicy Thai dishes (B. 159-189), and noodle “Bombs” (chicken B. 299, seafood B. 359).

Refreshments include coffees B. 55-70 and local beers B. 60-70.

We decided to go with the burgers, and Madame chose one she could write on, writing “Chop Mak!” (like it very much) on hers! She also ordered the sautéed potato with her burger.

Me? I have always wondered (worried) about black burger buns, but after being assured that they are baked that way, and have not been set fire to, I chose a chicken charcoal burger with fries.

Both burgers were served on wooden cutting boards, and were very filling. Mine so much so that I could not finish it, even though it was an excellent chicken fillet. Madame? She of the long tooth managed to finish her burger, sautéed potatoes and all which was far more than I could do.

Summing up, this restaurant has done much in the two months it has been open. The owners have many promotional ideas in mind, including Big Burger Eat-Offs equivalent to five burgers and eaten against the clock. Since I fell at one burger, I do not know how anyone could eat five, but it is amazing what some people can put away. Perhaps the Pattaya Mail should enter Madame!

The clientele at the lunchtime we went to do the review was mainly hip youngsters, but there is nothing to stop anyone enjoying the Old Stuff Street Café. This is a new and innovative addition to the restaurants in Pattaya. Well worth a visit.

Old Stuff Street Café, 389/134 M. 12, Soi 4 Pratamnak, telephone 091 723 8418, on-street parking, open seven days, 10 a.m. until 1 a.m. but kitchen closes at midnight.