“Authentic” Pizza


Genuine Italian style pizzas are easy to make – if you are Italian. There is an art in making the pizza base and the wood-fired oven completes the package, turning the base into thin and crispy with some color, but not burned through. The recipe this week is a bit of a cheat, but the end result is excellent and most people think you made it all yourself.

Cooking Method

The frozen pizza manufacturers have defrosting instructions on the box, and requires you to preheat the oven and cook the pizza and then cut into eight slices. Quite time consuming and messy. Many times it comes out soggy and not crisp at all.

Here is the ‘cheats’ method, which only requires a frying pan or wok which can be covered. Defrost, usually takes one hour, and cut into eight slices. Place a thin slice of cheese on each pizza slice. Heat the pan with a slight coating of oil and place two slices in the pan, and cover. When the cheese starts to melt, the pizza slices are ready and crisp. Repeat four times.

Ingredients Makes eight slices
Frozen pizza 1 large (I find the Paul Newman brand the best) Cheese your favorite and cut into eight thin slices Ground black pepper to taste