Kung and Pinky

A hearty breakfast.
A hearty breakfast.

Two years ago we reviewed a new restaurant on the Dark Side called Kung and Pinky. We were most impressed, but it was tucked away on a small soi, and we wondered if there would be enough traffic to support this new venture.

In the interim we often popped in for a meal and it always had its enthusiastic regulars, and it had maintained the high standard it had demonstrated since opening.

Chicken Kiev got a thumbs up.
Chicken Kiev got a thumbs up.

However, with all the impossible and impassable road works on Siam Country Club, it has become even more difficult to find, and digging up the junction of Siam Country Club and Kung and Pinky’s Soi has made it doubly difficult. However, there is a back way, and to get there just follow my directions. It is worth it!

Go down Nern Plub Wan from Pattaya right to the temple at the bottom. Turn left and about 200 meters along there is The Courtyard restaurant on your left, 50 meters before the Mitkamol intersection (AKA the Chicken Intersection). Opposite the Courtyard is a narrow soi on your right, turn in there and follow it along (about 1 km) until you see a Kung and Pinky sign on your left, opposite an even smaller soi. Go inside the small soi 20 meters and you have arrived.

The restaurant is a stand alone building with four tables outside (but under cover) and five tables indoors (air-conditioned) down one side and a long sit-up bar on the other. The kitchen is at the far end. Kung is in the kitchen and the always laughing Pinky is front of house. Dining there is a fun experience. The place is also clean and spotless.

The menu is surprisingly comprehensive, but then when you look at the prices, it is even more amazing. This is not an expensive venue. The cuisine is mainly European, but there are a many pages of Thai dishes as well.

The staff are very friendly and you are made welcome from the first time you are greeted by Pinky and are seated. Beers are the drink of the day, though you can buy wine by the glass, but don’t expect a Chateau Neuf du Pape.

The menu begins with breakfasts (B. 100-150) and followed by their “Super Burgers” with 200 gm beef patty (B. 120-150) and omelettes (UK spelling) at B. 125.

The daily special pie.
The daily special pie.

Pastas are up next with spaghetti and lasagna (B. 140-200) including a goulash soup at the top end. Pies are B. 200 with the usual range of fillings.

Knowing the British penchant for Indian food, Kung offers a choice all at B. 250 complete with yellow rice and Naan bread.

Mains, and there are plenty, include fish and chips (B. 240) and a salmon steak (B. 250) and a lamb shank (B. 380).

Continuing on there are several pork dishes also generally around B. 240 and steaks (250 gm) at around B. 300 (a fillet steak is B. 320) and you have a choice of four sauces.

There are daily specials all at B. 150 including a steak and onion pie with peas and chips. Great value.

Kung also does an amazing Sunday lunch which comes with a soup starter and a final dessert. The lunches are beef (B. 200), pork (B. 190), chicken (B. 190), lamb (B.250) and lamb shank (B. 380). These come with roast and mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, and vegies including Brussel’s sprouts.

That was just the European menu, there are also four pages of Thai items (B. 80-100). That covers around 40 Thai items.

We began the review with the daily special steak and onion pie with peas and chips for me, a big breakfast for Little Madame and a Chicken Kiev for larger Madame.

Inside with the long sit-up bar.
Inside with the long sit-up bar.

Portion sizes were certainly generous and my special came with a gravy boat as well.

Quite frankly, this is one restaurant you don’t want to miss. Properly cooked, generous helpings, inexpensive and fun supplied by Pinky.

Kung and Pinky (unknown soi), open 8.30 a.m. until 9.00 p.m. six days (closed Thursdays), with Sunday roasts noon till 2 p.m., telephone 087 043 3905, plenty of on-street parking.