Jamesons does the impossible!

Porche and Mitt, two of the stars of Jamesons.
Porche and Mitt, two of the stars of Jamesons.

Talk to your local ex-pat and you hear nothing positive about this year’s ‘low season’. However, as the old saying goes “If life hands you lemons, then make lemonade.” And the man making lemonade is Kim Fletcher, the most experienced publican in Pattaya. As anyone from the catering industry will tell you, “If Kim can’t get it to work, then nobody can!”

I spent a couple of hours with Kim, going through his new menu, and when new menus are brought out, this usually means price increases. This time this is where the customer is the big winner – the prices have gone down. Yes, by a good margin as well.

The theatre big screen.
The theatre big screen.

Let’s get you there. Jameson’s is actually not on the ‘beaten track’, but even for newbies is very easy to find. Coming from Second Road (Sai 2), turn right into Soi 4 (on your right at the Bangkok Bank) and follow the road up and round to the right and it is there, next to Nova Park. Another way to get there is to come from North Pattaya Road, turning into the soi at the traffic lights leading to Big C. Follow that soi all the way down to the T-junction at the end and turn left and Nova Park and Jameson’s are on your left. There are other back alleys that will get you there too, but the directions above are for newcomers to Pattaya.

The new menu is photographic, something I encourage restaurateurs to do. Not everyone speaks English (or even Irish).

The pub is very much in the Irish/English mold. There is a long bar down one side, made out of half a forest and two separate areas, one with a huge TV screen (there are others dotted around the pub as well) then another “library” section with big comfy Chesterfield chairs. Outside is a people watching bar plus umbrellas for the smokers.

The new menu is an enlarged menu one, as all the old favorites have been retained, and extra items added, as well as more vegetarian dishes (indicated by a “V” in front of the name).

Page 1 and Jameson’s opens at 9 a.m. for breakfasts ranging from B. 95 through to B. 199 (an all day item).

That leads you through to Salads (B. 125-215) including interesting items as egg and potato as well as the usual Greek salad.

The sandwich bar has all the usual plus another five new ones like chicken and avocado (B. 205) and some vegetarian ones. Dips as well including Greek and Tzatziki.

“Mains” remain as huge as always, with Fajitas B. 375 and Burgers with the lot (no charge for the extras) at B. 295.

Steaks are B. 395-495 and are a very popular item too.

The burger that beat me!
The burger that beat me!

Sundays are the Roasts (12 noon to 11 p.m. for B. 340-400) and during the week there are daily specials such as fish and chips and pork chops.

Children’s menu has suitable items all for B. 135 and that includes a soft drink and a scoop of ice cream.

On Saturday and Sunday between 12 noon and 3 p.m. you can have a pint of Guin­ness for B. 150 (Saturday) or a pint of Magners (Sunday).

We ordered Buffalo Wings and a “KFC” (Kim’s Fried Chicken) which came with so much on the side that Junior Taster number 2 traded some chips for a wing. No complaints from either.

For me it was a Burger with the lot – cheddar cheese, fried onions, back bacon and an egg. Great eating but I struggled towards the end with the enormous portion size!

Jameson’s Irish Pub is known for the excellence of the food, and for the size of the servings. The new lower price structure has not altered that, making dining out at Jameson’s a very inexpensive venue with even the drinks at a reduced prices. It is a family eating place with a Kids menu. We have always given Jameson’s five stars, but now it looks as if we have to give it six stars! Highly recommended.

Jameson’s Irish Pub, 80/164 Moo 9, Soi Sukrudee (Soi AR), Central Pattaya. Secure parking. Open seven days 9 a.m. until late. Telephone 038 361 873, email [email protected] , and www.jamesons-pattaya.com.