Italy and Ireland provide a wine tasting event


Dicey Reilly’s Irish Pub and Eatery hosted an Italian wine tasting event with over 40 wine aficionados savoring all the different wines on offer, with most from the Sensi Vineyards.

Well known critic Amanda Schuster who describes herself as a “hooch writer” has written that Sensi is a “wine that’s been produced in Tuscany, Italy since 1895 when founder Pietro Sensi first marketed his family wines. In the early 20th century, his sons, Vittorio and Armido, began selling Chianti under the Fratelli Sensi label from a horse drawn cart to Florence and neighboring towns. Fratelli Sensi wines were among the first Italian wines to be imported to the States, bringing thoughts of home to the many Italian immigrants who moved there.

Black burger.Black burger.

In the 1970s, another generation of the Sensi family began to expand the ever growing business by purchasing vineyards in other regions such as Emilia Romagna, Liguria, Lombardy and outside Milan. In the 1980s, the fourth generation of the Sensi family took the reins, further developing their successful business.

In 2000, they began producing Testardo, their first Super Tuscan release, which is a blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. Il Mantello was developed in 2003, a blend of Sangiovese and Syrah. The Sensi brand continues to produce wines with respect for traditions while taking strides in innovation and maintaining a passion for their work.”


The wine supplier for the evening was Wine Dee Dee Pattaya, and we were met by Matt Fryar, the Marriott Director of Operations, with a Peranima Glera Cuvee Extra Dry sparkler thrust in our eagerly awaiting hands, for our parched throats. Quite honestly, I really enjoyed this wine. Not as sweet as a Prosecco, it was fruity, floral and fresh. Great start to the evening.

At that juncture I made my first food foray, with much coming from the Marriott’s Forno Pizza, but plenty of other different items, such as cheeses and the black burgers which seem to be all the rage these days. Unfortunately these are far too reminiscent of burgers that have got stuck in the toaster! However, with age comes the voice of experience and I know that a wine tasting without enough food intake can produce a bad attack of the wobbles.

The next wine I tasted was the Sensi Pinot Grigio Collezione 2013. Perhaps a little young, but very pleasant indeed, and one of my colleagues (who I won’t mention, because he works for Pattaya Today but is seriously into Pinot Grigio), gave it top marks.


So to the reds, with a Sensi Pinot Noir Collezione 2013 beckoning. Medium bodied and a very pleasant wine which would go well with grilled rock lobster. (Hint, hint, Matt Fryar.)

The final red was the Sensi Sangiovese Collezione 2012. This was a full-bodied red, soft with no tannins, great nose and finish and was my wine of the night. I had to sample several bottles to make sure the consistency was there. It was.

However, there was a rose between the whites and the reds. I have left it till last, but I am not one of those “I kept the best till last” people. After more Forno Pizza I was ready for the rose wine, which was a Cavini Rosato Rose. A very pale pink color. I swirled the glass to release the aroma. Nothing! Repeat swirling in the opposite direction. Nothing. I then sipped, letting the wine find any left over pizza particles around my teeth. The flavor was, nothing! With no aroma or taste, the finish was as to be expected. Nothing. I have never had a wine like it. I even seriously doubted whether it had any alcohol in it. This bottle of wine was suitable for hand to hand combat only. If someone gives you a bottle pass it on to someone you don’t like. You have been warned!

Thank you Assanee for the invitation, Wine Dee Dee for the wines and Matt Fryar and Tony for the hospitality. And four out of five ain’t bad!

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