Hard Rock’s Easy Pizzeria


The Hard Rock has managed to make itself an icon in Pattaya in a very short time (relatively), following the hard work of the opening GM Andrew Khoo. These days the Hard Rock is under GM Jorge (call me “George”) Smith who suggested to me that we should have a look at his Pizzeria and its new menu. No further invitation was necessary and we descended one evening, complete with two Junior testers in tow, since the Hard Rock does cater for children. We were hosted by the EAM John Manley and the lovely Gia Ngamkalong from Marketing Communications.

The actual venue for the Pizzeria is via past the registration counter, and lifts and through the doors beside the Starz Diner and you are there. Tables and chairs are arranged around the central pizza oven and diners can look out over the very large free-form pool, or the kids pool on the other side. While the area is covered, it has free access to the cooling breezes coming directly from Pattaya Bay. The ambience is very much relaxed resort.

Hard Rock personnel and service staff are noted for exuding friendship and fun, something the junior tasters remarked on, which made their evening (and mine) even more relaxed.

Between Gia, John Manley and myself we decided to order big and try everything. To assist me in this task, I ordered a glass of their house white wine, which was very refreshing (and this later turned into two glasses).

We began with a tiger prawn starter which had three sizzling tiger prawns on oven roasted focaccia on a wooden board, with garlic and basil dressing. Great taste and great presentation.

The next items included a linguine pasta with some dried chilli, truffle oil and basil and topped with a soft poached egg. This was very flavorsome, slightly spicy and very enjoyable.

Evaluation of the pizzas was left to the junior tasters, and as usual they could not agree. Fortunately, with the wisdom of Solomon, the nice pizza chef made them a pizza half and half and they were both satisfied.

For an example of a main dish, John Manley suggested we try the lamb shank, and what an excellent suggestion. The shank was slow braised and the meat just peeled away from the bone. I relished this dish.

Finally, the children asked for ice cream, while I asked to let my belt out several notches. It had been a memorable and fun evening, which all of us enjoyed. Thank you for the suggestion GM Jorge.

The Hard Rock benefits from well thought out corporate thinking and experience. It has its own casual and friendly ambience, quite different from all the other up-market hotels and resorts in Pattaya. However, the warm welcome extends to Pattaya residents as well as the hotel guests. This can make the visit a “family” event, or for those (without young children) that would be to continue on at the Hard Rock Cafe with its live music entertainment.

From the dining point of view, we have never been disappointed in the Hard Rock, and enjoyed this new menu very much. Favorite dishes were the linguine (elder junior taster) and the lamb shank for myself.

Being part of a recognized international brand, it is not a budget eatery, but for the standard of food, I did not consider it over the top, with pizzas mainly in the B. 400-500 range and chicken fillets as a main being B. 595 for example, it is possible to dine without drilling a hole in the family budget.

Pizzeria, Hard Rock Hotel, Pattaya 2nd Road (next to the Imperial, which was previously the Montien, and the Regent before that), telephone 038 428 755, fax 038 421 673, all cards accepted. Secure parking in the hotel parking areas.