Greg’s Kitchen – the radical make-over


Greg Sulis, the man behind Greg’s Kitchen, has always believed in the maxim that if you stay at the level where you are, you are actually going backwards.

This means that he has been continuously improving his restaurant’s facilities and offerings and has been doing just that for the past 15 years.  Greg and his Kitchen have been one of the great survivors in the Pattaya restaurant scene.

Greg’s Kitchen is on Second Road, on the right hand side, just before you get to the Bangkok Bank on the corner of Soi 4.  (If you get to Soi Half Dozen on the left, you have gone too far!)  Plenty of parking on the left side of Second Road.

The restaurant has grown in size over the years and now he has combined the inner and outer areas to make a huge open-plan restaurant, around a central bar.

If that was not enough, Greg has added entertainment in the form of easy-listening live music every night from 8 p.m. to 11.30 p.m. making Greg’s Kitchen much more of an evening relaxation and food and wine venue, than just a restaurant.  There is also a supply of overseas English language newspapers, and of course, the Pattaya Mail.

However, probably the biggest change has been the hours.  Greg’s Kitchen always started early with breakfasts for the early risers, but now he is open 24 hours a day!  And if you want, the big breakfast is more than an all-day breakfast, it is an all-day and all-night breakfast.

Greg’s menu has to be the largest photographic menu in Pattaya.  Easily read, easily understood and the prices are certainly not over the top.  In fact, Greg was telling me that many have actually gone down.  When the top of the line mains are only B. 395 and that is for imported New Zealand meat, you are certainly not being ripped off.

Breakfasts includes the large, everything in, at B. 195, with the smaller breakfasts mainly around B. 85.  Starters are B. 85-160 and covers soups, prawn cocktails and spring rolls.  Mains include many items as well as the NZ imports (B. 395) with English favorites such as fish and chips (B. 250) and steak and kidney pie (B. 275).

Lots of Thai favorites as well (B. 130-160) and whole fish B. 295.

Madame, who said she had not had a jacket potato for a long time, plumped for the jacket potato weekly special (B. 220), while I decided on the mozzarella and crispy bacon on French bread as a starter (B. 150), to be followed by gammon steak with garden peas and pineapple (B. 270).  Both of our meal portions were exceptionally generous (Greg’s Kitchen is well known for the size of their portions) and we enjoyed them.  In fact, I should have been less greedy and skipped the starter as I had trouble finishing the very thick gammon steak.  And then Greg wondered if I would like dessert.  He had to be joking!

Greg’s Kitchen continues to offer lashings of good English food, plus Thai food for those who are not normally used to the British cuisine.  The value for money has always been there, and this has not changed at all.  However, the new entertainment makes the venue a ‘value added’ restaurant, and we, along with many others, were happy just to sit after our dinner with a sociable drink and enjoy the ambience.

If you are looking for good wholesome food, some musical relaxation or just some place where you can get a good meal, no matter what the time is, then keep Greg’s Kitchen in mind.  It is a family business, with Greg front of house, his wife supervising the kitchen, and their son in training behind the bar.  Definitely worth a visit.

Greg’s Kitchen, 370/21-22 Pattaya Second Road (just before Soi 4 and Bangkok Bank), telephone 038 361 227, open seven days 24 hours.  By the way, if you are looking for parking, you can park on the left side of Second Road (careful crossing) but we turned right into Soi 4 at the Bangkok Bank, just past Greg’s Kitchen, and found ample parking up there as well.