Food Wave


Have you ever wanted to dine out, looking over the bay of Pattaya, but at the same time enjoying air-conditioned comfort?  Unfortunately, most restaurants that offer bay views are either somewhat primitive and non-air-conditioned, or are somewhat expensive and are in top hotels.  This week’s Dining Out may just be the answer.

The Royal Garden Plaza should be very well known to everyone.  It has been next to the Marriott Resort for many years and is probably best known for its DC3 hanging over the Second Road entrance.  As well as the 24 hour fast food restaurants on the ground floor, there is also the Benihana restaurant on the 2nd floor and other outlets in the 3rd floor.  However, the Food Wave takes up the majority of the 3rd floor space, with a panoramic view of Pattaya Bay.  It copes with up to 400 diners and has 12 kitchens all under the one roof.  You could eat all week in the Royal Garden’s Food Wave and never have to repeat yourself!

The view is awesome.The view is awesome.

It should be pointed out that Food Wave is not your average food court with mass produced food flung at the customer and get your fork and spoon from the trolley half way down the hall.  Food Wave is best described as a collection of 12 a la carte restaurants with open kitchens on view, making food to order for the diner.  The finished item is then brought to your table.


The Dining Out Team went for lunch at the Food Wave, accompanied by Kwan, the Marriott’s assistant F&B manager, and what a lunch it turned out to be!  Tastings from each outlet, so that was something from all 12, which includes Russian, Asian noodles, Mediterranean, Indian, Italian, American surf ‘n turf, Chinese, som tam, Thai, seafood, refreshments, sweets and coffee.


Lunch was then everything from som tam and fresh prawns, to a grilled NZ steak with roast potato, to a Mediterranean mixed grill, an Indian chicken masala, a Thai tom yum goong, a Chinese stir fried chicken, bean sprouts and noodles and even a spaghetti with prawn and squid.  It was a struggle, but in the name of investigative journalism Kwan and I managed it for you, and I can honestly say that each dish was of high restaurant standard, and even more amazing was the fact that the prices were most reasonable for such quality food, and there are even 99 baht specials from each kitchen.

It would make this article far too long to attempt to review each outlet, but they are excellent and if you are in town anywhere between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. I can heartily recommend the Food Wave.  It really has something for everyone, and affordable as well.

Food Wave, 3rd floor Royal Garden Plaza, from the Beach Road aspect of the center.  Open 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. and no need to book.

Asian noodles.Asian noodles.

Surf and turf.Surf and turf.