Fabrice is French for fun

A very filling hot dog cheese baguette.
A very filling hot dog cheese baguette.

It was at least 18 months ago that we did a formal review of the Fabrice Resort’s Restaurant. Since then there have been many changes in the “Dark Side” eateries with new additions, disappearances, rotating chefs and a plot by the Main Roads department to make some roads impossible and impassable.

We had returned for other Fabrice’s pizzas in that 18 months, so this review was more of a re-acquaintance. It was indeed reassuring to see Fabrice still behind the counter making his pizzas in the traditional way.

Now, to get there was not been the easiest thanks to the road works, but the simplest way is to come down Nern Plubwan from the railway end rather than Siam Country Club and driving almost to the bottom (where the fancy streetlights are) and take Soi Marb Yai Leer on the left at the staggered intersection. (The road running off on your right is 10 meters further on and has a big sign for Tara, and is not the one you want.) Follow the left hand road, taking the left fork and continue for a short way and you will see the Fabrice Resort on your left with parking in front. There are two entrances with the one on your right being for the restaurant and on your left being for the separate bar. 20 meters further on there is also a vacant lot with additional parking.

The restaurant is around the central pool with some cabanas and comfortable, padded swivel chairs and large tables.

The cuisine is described as family European, with Fabrice in charge of the kitchen. Beers are B. 65-75 and if you feel like a cocktail, you will pay B. 150.

The menu is photographic (not everyone speaks French or English) and begins with soups at B. 70 and a genuine French Onion at B. 130 followed by another couple of Gallic favorites in Croque Monsieur (B. 130) and Croque Madame (B. 140).

Steak dishes range between B. 340-380, and it was easy to see that we were not dealing with inflated prices. Main dishes included Chicken Escalope with mushroom sauce and whipping cream (B. 300) looked very interesting, and was Madame’s choice for the evening. Also Cordon Bleu (B. 250), and standard items such as fish and chips were B. 270 but other items are very French such as stuffed tomatoes and mashed potatoes.

The usual pasta items are offered (and well under B. 210).

Next up are the pizzas, and Fabrice has built up quite a reputation with his ‘hand-crafted’ pizzas. These range in price between B. 220-300, with a calzone at the top end. With such a good rap from many previous customers, I chose the Pizza Fabrice.

Happy staff Miw and Pik aids the ambience.
Happy staff Miw and Pik aids the ambience.

Pizzas are 12 in number and the Pizza Fabrice, which had just about everything was only B. 270.

There is a selection of Thai dishes, with most around B. 110.

Fabrice’s kitchen is open, and you can watch the ‘pizza professional’ make you pizza in front of you, stretching out the pizza dough until it is of the correct size. With a glass of house white to hand, and my pizza in front of me, I must report that my pizza was nothing short of superb, and honestly was one of the best pizzas I have had recently, with nothing stinted in the toppings. We could see just why and how Fabrice had built up such a strong following.

Madame was enjoying her Chicken Escalope with the mushroom sauce and whipping cream, which was given top marks.

Pleasant dining under the awning.
Pleasant dining under the awning.

We did not try the desserts, because the portion sizes of our mains were more than adequate and there was no room left.

Fabrice (Resort) Restaurant is a little gem out there on the dark side, and well worth the effort in finding the place. Highly recommended!

If you feel like some pulchritude afterwards, the adjoining Fabrice bar will suit the gentlemen in your party.

Fabrice (Resort) Restaurant, 49/5 M.6 Soi Marb Yai Leer 47, Baan Lang 8 Rd., Nongprue, telephone 089 094 1732, open 8 a.m. through until 10 p.m., http://www.hotel-fabrice-resort-pattaya.com/en/restaurant.htm . Parking outside.