Dining Out with Linda


The Dining Out team went to dinner the other evening with Linda Eiksund, a most interesting international lady.  A restaurateur, born in Hong Kong, travels on a Norwegian passport, a talented business woman and chef and who began her working life as a dishwasher.  A history of hard work ending in success.

Linda’s restaurant is on the left at the lower end of Thappraya Road, opposite the large Jomtien Complex and just before the new Tops outlet.  The restaurant is in a quadruple shophouse building, so is very spacious and capable of accommodating 200 diners if needed.  There is an air-conditioned indoors section and an airy outside area, which is very popular with their Norwegian customers.

The restaurant is spotlessly clean with marble flooring and wood panels.  There is a central bar/cocktail area, and the tables have immaculate white tablecloths.  The staff are in maroon shirts and black pants/skirts and the ambience is European.

There is certainly no lack of choice in the menu, with 176 items on offer.  We began with a cocktail (Caiparinha for me, the tart South American rum concoction), perused the wine menu and then began with the food.

The wine list is not extensive, but is inexpensive, with most bottles under B. 1,450 and we selected the Italian Bardolino DOC 2006.  A pleasant red and not too much body.

The menu is very comprehensive, and we do suggest that you spend some time to go through it all.  Baguettes with various fillings are B. 140-230, omelettes B. 230-260, burgers B. 260-295 and chicken snacks B. 120-260.

After those comes the first Norwegian item of open sandwiches (B. 230-280) followed by international sandwiches (B. 220-265).

There is a three course Norwegian set dinner on offer for B. 430 – that is certainly not expensive.

Pastas, lasagna and tacos are next up (B. 295-390) and then salads (B. 195-280), followed by appetizers (B. 195-280) and soups (B. 140-245).

The mains cover most meat dishes (B. 400-500) and then a page of seafood mains (similarly priced) and some different pizzas (Norwegian styled at B. 295-395).

And there’s even more with “Norske Middagsretter”, some daily specials and Thai dishes (around B. 275).  Phew!

We began with a selection of starters, chosen by Gudmund Eiksund (Linda’s husband), and he being a proud Norwegian made sure we were going to try his country’s cuisine.  These were a marinated salmon (B. 265 – done in house), bacalao fritters (a deep fried salted fish) and a herring platter which comes with the traditional dark bread and different sauces including tomato and a very more-ish mustard.  For me, the herring platter was a stand-out as a starter.  Very clean tastes preparing the diner for the main course.

We had ordered an Australian rack of lamb (B. 585), a grilled tiger prawns with Café de Paris butter and pork spare ribs (B. 395).  The rack of lamb was delightfully tender and we all enjoyed them.  Tiger prawns, done simply on the grill with the accompanying herb butter is one of my favorite main courses, allowing you to just enjoy the taste of the prawns themselves.  The pork spare ribs was another excellent dish, the meat just falling off the bones with a full-flavored sauce over the top.

We refused the offered desserts as we were just too full, though it was obvious that Linda was disappointed; however, Gudmund tucked into the Norwegian style hot apple cake with vanilla ice cream and declared it delicious.

We were left with the lasting impression that Linda’s restaurant can be all things for all people.  Even though there are obviously many Norwegian items, there are also abundant other European/international dishes, as well as a full line-up of Thai items, not just the usual half dozen Thai favorites.

The food was excellent and the portion sizes tending to be on the large side, and the prices reasonable.  The wine list was also inexpensive.

This restaurant is definitely worth visiting.  We are sure you will not be disappointed.

Linda’s Restaurant, 315/177-180 Moo 12, opposite the Jomtien Complex. Thappraya Road, Jomtien.  Open seven days from 7 a.m. until late.  Reservations: 038 252 726, 087 813 0115.  Street-side parking.  Email linda@ lindasrestaurant.com.