Dingaling 2

A very tasty sausage dish. (Photos by Marisa Corness)
A very tasty sausage dish. (Photos by Marisa Corness)

If Chuck Berry (1926 – 2017) was responsible for “My Dingaling” (remember the  jaunty lyrics), then Mathias Martens is today responsible for Dingaling 2.  What I have always admired with Mathias’ style of management is his bravery to try something different.  Having opened Dingaling in North Pattaya – Naklua, he closed the sister restaurant on the Dark Side.  However, with North Pattaya Dingaling now settled he looked at re-opening the Nongprue Road (Dark Side) venue and so Dingaling 2 was revived, offering a beer garden, restaurant and party service.

However, where is Dingaling 2?  Easy.  It is on Nongprue Road (Pornprapanimit Soi 17), about 100 meters from the Nong­prue market on the left hand side and 30 meters past Soi 1.

Chunky meat goulasch.
Chunky meat goulasch. (Photos by Marisa Corness)

The venue has orange and white internal walls, comfortable chairs, large tables and is in two sections, both covered and one air-conditioned.  A sit up bar in both areas with one being more of a beer garden and the other more of a dining room.

The menu has one page of drinks with beers B. 70-85, other than an Erdinger at B. 140.  House wine is B. 120 white/red, numerous spirits generally around B. 110

Starters (B. 80-130) has shrimp cocktail at the top end.

Soups, of which there are quite a few such as pea, lentil and tomato, are generally around B. 100-120.

Likewise, there are many sausages for you to try with two Vienna B. 120, Bratwurst B. 140 and two curried sausages B. 160.  One section has German specials including two meat balls with onion sauce and potato salad or home fried potatoes with two fried eggs.

Main dishes are plentiful (and large) with most around B. 120 and offers pork chops, pork or beef goulash, pork cutlets, 5 Nurnberger sausages with sauerkraut, and filet steaks with top being an imported Argentine beef at B. 590.

There’s a half a chicken in there
There’s a half a chicken in there. (Photos by Marisa Corness)

There are two items called Wednesday Specials with the first being a grilled half chicken (B. 230) and the second being a pork knuckle (B. 330).

There are two pages of Thai dishes, so the local partners need not feel out of it.  These are generally around B. 100.

The German community on the Dark Side (East Pattaya) has already found Dingaling 2, but all nationalities are welcome.  Mathias is bilingual.  Having been a few times to eat there already, my family and I have not been disappointed in any way, and the beer garden is a quiet place for business talks.

Dingeling 2 is something of a ‘sleeper’.  Shut for a few months it dropped from the front of one’s consciousness, but now it is back, and stronger than ever.  The prices are exceptionally reasonable, burger and chips at B. 110 for example.

However the Wednesday specials are amazing.  The roasted chicken (B. 230) was just excellent, but the pork knuckle (B. 330) almost defies description it was so large.  These exceptional items require you to place the order on the Tuesday night.  I can assure prospective diners, you will not be disappointed.  Germans are noted for having large appetites, so be prepared.

Dingeling 2, Nongprue Road, (Pornprapanimit Soi 17), just past Soi 1 on the left and 30 meters further to Dingeling 2, open 6 days Monday to Saturday from 12 noon to 10 p.m. open Sundays 11.am. till 2 p.m, tel 089 2 444 700, plenty of roadside parking, email [email protected]