Diana Buffet


When the Diana Inn opened its Green Bottle Pub around 25 years ago, those who were “in the know” predicted that the business model would fail, as it was “too far out of town!”  These days, the Diana Inn and its Green Bottle pub are located in the center of Pattaya, and doing very well thank you!  So much for the predictions of quarter of a century ago.

The Diana Inn buffet has a history almost as long as the hotel itself, so the Dining Out Team decided we should renew our acquaintance and popped into the Diana to see the latest offerings in their Thai and International Buffet Dinner.

For those who do not know where the Diana Inn is situated, it is on Second Road, opposite Mike’s Shopping Center and on the opposite corner of Soi Diana (yes, named after the Diana Inn) from the Kiss restaurant.

The buffet covers both Asian and international cuisine, with the center point changing daily.

Despite overlooking Soi Diana, the street-side windows are double and the restaurant is very quiet.  Padded chairs and grey throw-overs are on the tables.

The Diana Inn also has specials in wine with Australian Richmond Ridge Shiraz, Chilean Millaman Cabernet Sauvignen and a Premium Red Chilcas, also from Chile.  All these are B. 799.  With draft beer (Heineken, Tiger, Singha) available for B. 55, there is a beer bargain for everyone too.

The buffet items stretch all the way down one side of the restaurant and includes many items such as two soups (tom yum goong and cream of chicken), red curry with pork, pork in breadcrumbs, Diana meatballs, fish steak in lemon sauce, braised duck in gravy, beef in oyster sauce, spaghetti and seafood sauce, rice both steamed and fried, a salad table plus some Japanese sushi/sashimi items, and since it was a Wednesday a large baked ham and chip fryer, plus many others.  It really is a very large and comprehensive list of buffet items including hors d’oeuvres, fruits, desserts, juice and coffee.  Plates and cutlery are also in the buffet line and you serve yourself.

As Madame was a Thai, we decided to investigate the different cuisines, with Madame to sample the Asian side and myself the international.

We began with the soups and my cream of chicken was creamy and had plenty of chicken meat (though scoop the bottom of the bowl).  This was piping hot and with the addition of a dash of pepper was a great starter for my evening.  Madame deemed her tom yum to be good with a correct Thai taste.

I followed the soup with some ham and fries, with the chef there in charge of the live cooking station applying sauces with a theatrical flourish.  The baked ham was excellent, and I pondered going back for more, but decided I should continue to sample the buffet.

We both decided on the beef in oyster sauce accompanied by stir-fried asparagus with shrimps, but Madame also added the Diana meatballs and some braised duck in gravy.

By the time we had indulged in more buffet items, we had no room left for desserts, though I did manage a slice or two of pineapple.  Such is the life of the dedicated Food and Wine critic!

The buffet is an all-you-can-eat deal and at B. 250 (children B. 150), makes it one of the cheapest quality buffets around.  With ample Asian and international dishes, there is something for everyone.  Wines and beers at bargain prices complement the inexpensive buffet.  Our opinion was a consensus that this truly represented an inexpensive evening, and it was significant that on our night, every table was filled by 7.30 p.m.  The Diana Inn does suggest you book, and we agree (or get there very early)!

The Diana Inn, Soi Diana Second Road (opposite Mike’s Shopping Center), Pattaya City, 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. every day, telephone 038 429 675, email [email protected]  Limited secure parking behind the hotel (off Soi Diana), otherwise street-side parking, or in the Mike’s Shopping Center underground car park.

Mondays Mini steak
Tuesdays Seafood market
Wednesdays Pork BBQ ham
Thursdays Seafood market
Fridays Mini steak
Saturdays BBQ Corner
Sundays Pork BBQ ham