Chok Dee – and it’s more than good luck!


Where in the West, the common greeting after clinking glasses together, is “Cheers!”, in Thailand it is “Chok Dee!” and this means “good luck” said Lek, the owner of the new Chok Dee restaurant on Sukhumvit Road.

There was a previous Chok Dee in Jomtien which had been there for four years, but they moved to the new location about six months ago.

It is extremely easy to find, as it is immediately after the Ford Dealership on Sukhumvit Road, eastbound at Km 150 (heading towards the Floating Market).

The venue has an outside section, which appears to be very popular with Thai families. Seating is rustic.

The inner section is air-conditioned and the décor is almost Scandinavian with its straight clean lines and simplicity. The rustic tables and chairs are repeated in this section, but there are cushions for the softer farang bottoms! The tables are topped with Thai cotton throw-overs. Along the back wall of this section, there is also a sit-up bar.

Lek explained that the menu was predominately Thai with twenty percent western items. Signature dishes included a pork schnitzel and his whole fish items were generally 900 gm to 1 kg.

The menu is part pictorial and begins with Starters (B. 120) with chicken wings, spring rolls and deep-fried pork.

The next section is called Thai-Isaan Papaya Salad and these items range in price between B. 80-200. They are spicy items, as they are presented in Isaan.

The next section is even called Spicy Salad (B. 120-200) and covers prawns, seafood and grilled pork items.

Fried items next (B. 80-150) and again are very Thai cuisine items with stir-fried kale, water mimosa and morning glory on offer.

Fish get a page of their own (B. 280-350) done in different ways.

Soups (B. 120-160) are based on pork, chicken or seafood and they are followed by another page of fried items in different size helpings, with small around B. 80 and large at B. 200.

The final “Thai” page has shrimp paste with fresh vegetables at B. 150.

Now comes the Western items (B. 150-300) with steak at the top end and a very tempting pork schnitzel at B. 200. There is a choice of sauces for the western items. And of course there is the good old western favorite fish and chips at B. 160.

Beverages include soft drinks at B. 20-30, local beers B. 50-70, cocktails B. 100 and fruit shakes B. 50.

There is a separate wine list with bottles from Australia, Italy, Chile and South Africa. None of these will break the bank, ranging from B. 980-1700. House wine is also available by the glass. There were specials as well with the Australian Millstone shiraz at B. 990, and the similarly priced Italian Montepulciano D’Abruzzo. As I said, none of these will break the bank, and Chok Dee has a dedicated wine fridge as well.

We began with a tempura prawn dish, with tempura vegetables as well. These were excellent and showed that the chef was using new oil in the deep fryer. Top marks to the chef on that one.

For mains, I ordered the signature pork schnitzel. This was huge, and fell apart just by waving the knife near it. And at B. 200 represents amazing value.

The food was presented well, and was properly cooked and in generous portions. We left Chok Dee very impressed as well as being very full. Definitely worth the trip along Sukhumvit, and on the night we were there it was obviously a place used by Thai families. This place is tops for value for money and presents good food for everyone!

Chok Dee restaurant, Km 150 Sukhumvit Road, just after the Ford Dealership, open seven days, opens 5 p.m. until late, plenty of on-street parking.