Bogie Season 2

The Seafood station.
The Seafood station.

Turn your mobile phones off and enjoy

Readers in Rayong will know where “Bogie Season 2” is located, and what it is. For readers who do not know, a bogie is a chassis or framework carrying wheel-sets, attached to a vehicle, thus serving as a modular subassembly of wheels and axles. Bogies take various forms in various modes of transport. A bogie may remain normally attached (as on many railway carriages and semi-trailers) or be quickly detachable (as the dolly in a road train or in railway bogie exchange); it may contain a suspension within it (as most rail and trucking bogies do), or be solid and in turn be suspended.

A big fat River Prawn.
A big fat River Prawn.

So there you are, all the non-railway readers, now you know what a bogie is. Yes, Rayong doesn’t have to wait for the billions of baht high speed railway, you have the start of it already with two static railway carriages (bogies) in a quirky restaurant called Bogie Season 2, close to the Bangkok Hospital Rayong.

To bring you right up to date, if this is Bogies Season 2, was there a Season 1? Yes there was, but with a change in ownership it was decided that this would be an ideal time for a name change.

The restaurant is in a “U” shape and as you come in through the main entry you pass a seafood display on your right, followed by a bar with Chang and Federbrau dominant, then a music stage, turn left past the railway carriages and then come up the other leg of the “U” with wooden tables and chairs. The middle is grassy.

The new owners understood the need for a good menu, which is mainly photographic as not everyone reads Thai, English or some other alien language. In the food business, a photo is well worth a thousand words. With 14 staff in the kitchen, it came as no surprise that the menu was a full on one.

The cuisine is comprehensively Thai, but with many dishes not generally seen in a Thai restaurant, designated as ‘signature’ dishes.

It begins with Snacks and Sashimi (generally around B. 120-180) and followed by their Seabass items, all at B. 399. Many ways of cooking eggs around B. 100 and then into Yum dishes (B. 160-220) and then Tum and Spicy (around B. 160).

Fried dishes next (B. 160-220), American fried rice (a ‘fast food’ is B. 90) followed by Soups and Curry (B. 160-300) and Seafood (B. 200-300) and Pork ribs in BBQ sauce (B. 189).

The colorful menu.
The colorful menu.

We began with Three Kinds of sausage which was an easy entry for a Thai repast, one of them being an interesting green tea sausage.

I then tried their Bogie fried rice which was redolent with garlic and very tasty, and I kept going back to it between other dishes.

One of the signature sea bass dishes was next, done in a very good batter and not too dry; however, the next dish was the one that I enjoyed most, being a crispy duck on fried noodle with three sauces.

However, Bogie Season 2 was not done with us yet – a cashew nut chicken came out next from the kitchen, very much like a sweet and sour dish, but not as sweet.

We finished with a Federbrau and sat back to take it all in.

Your carriage awaits.
Your carriage awaits.

We had tried numerous choices, including some signature dishes, with the roasted duck being a standout from my point of view. It had been an enjoyable evening, and we even managed to get our Thai friends to turn off their mobile phones while they tucked in to some obviously favorite dishes too!

Bogie Season 2, 91/9 Moo 7,Klang Thung, Noen Phra Muang, email [email protected] , telephone 082 091 4994, parking in the restaurant grounds, open 7 days, 5 p.m. to 12 midnight.

Mention Pattaya Mail and you may be eligible for a 10 percent discount and a free cocktail.