Bazi for German-Thai specialities


Naklua has always been known for its high percentage of German ex-pats. A visit to Soi 33 Pattaya-Naklua Road will very quickly confirm that German ex-pats have taken over! Ja wohl, mein Herren!

Soi 33 is almost opposite the Woodlands Resort and is very close to the Dolphin Roundabout. The other end of 33 ends in the soi running from Pattaya Neua beside the Fairtex Resort.

Bazi is located in Soi 33 Pattaya-Naklua Road

Having arrived in Soi 33, your adventure has just begun, with German restaurants encroaching on to the asphalt on both sides of the road. I must admit there are other businesses spilling off the footpaths, like Italian restaurants for example. All in all, this is a very busy soi, and really is a South East Asian phenomenon.

Finding a parking spot is difficult, though at the top end you can generally find one. Soi 33 is also not very long, and Bazi is about 50 meters from Pattaya-Naklua Road.

My favorite Roesti and pork.

Bazi (pronounced bat see) is a Bavarian word for a person who is a good “mate” and obviously Bazi wants to be a good mate for its customers. One aspect that was very obvious was that many of the diners knew each other and the staff. Talking with Tony and Hubert, part owners, they were very proud of the fact that their diners were in the main ex-pat returns and not tourists.

The restaurant occupies a triple unit inside, with another six tables outside. Plastic tablecloths announce the utilitarian nature of the venue.

A typically Bavarian Pepper steak.

The menu is very large and is in three languages (German, English, Russian) and has photos of all the dishes. Well done, Bazi, you are a good mate.

The menu begins with two set dinners, both three courses at B. 185 and B 215. Into the menu proper, and it begins with soups (B. 70-980) and then into salads and more soups (B. 70-170). You can see immediately that this is not going to be an expensive exercise. No wonder it is so popular.

A section called Small dishes is next (B. 135-195) leading onto Mains which are mainly between B. 245-365 with a standout being a Chateaubriand for two at B. 685 with French fries, vegetable and sauces. The mains are generally very German in origin with Roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut (B. 245), Beef tenderloin with mushroom sauce, roast potatoes and vegetables (B. 365), Pfeffersteak mit Kroketten und Gemuse (B. 365), Fried or steamed red snapper with vegetables (B. 265) and a Goulash soup with German bread B. 90.

There is a section with Thai items mainly B. 90-170. As you can see, nothing is going to break the bank!

We began with a Goulash soup which came very hot to the table, and was full of beef and potatoes, and very flavoursome. A very enjoyable start. For mains, Madame had chosen the pepper steak while I went for the pork with roesti potatoes, my favourite way of handling the ubiquitous potato. Madame was unable to find enough room to finish her portion, and I was in the same situation, especially having had the Goulash first. Good solid home style portions.

Desserts? No chance at all! Far too replete.

As an “ethnic” experience, Bazi will immerse you in Germany, and as a culinary experience will immerse you in German fare. It also provides its German fare in large quantities, so be prepared. Keep a good hunger going before eating at Bazi. We both enjoyed our evening at Bazi and the dishes we chose had no surprises. Good solid food at very reasonable prices. Well worth a visit. Especially if you are hungry!

Bazi restaurant, 179/130-131, Soi 33 Naklua, Open 10 a.m. until 11 p.m. telephone 038 370 698, email [email protected],, on street parking (wherever you can fit in).