All aboard the Pumpui’s Express!


The “Dark Side” is expanding, even if the rest of Pattaya is being throttled by a tunnel (which will never flood, we are assured). The latest addition to the Dark Side’s eateries is called Pumpui’s Express on Siam Country Club Road about 500 meters after the Mitkamol cross roads (heading from town and known as the “Chicken Cross Roads” by the locals).

Iron Man – be hungry!
Iron Man – be hungry!

If the name Pum Pui is familiar, that is because about 100 meters before the Mitkamol cross roads is another restaurant called Pum Pui, with the two restaurants being run by ‘friends of the family’ in the European tradition. The original Pum Pui is more for “comfort food” I was told, while the new addition (open for one month only) tends towards “fast food” from their sandwich bar.

Interior sandwich counter.
Interior sandwich counter.

Probably the best map reference is the Planet Football which is on the left on Siam Country Club Road, with Pum Pui’s Express on the right hand side outbound next to the entry to the Uraiwan Park View. With all the road works on Siam Country Club Road at present, be very careful parking your vehicle. There are some apparently bottomless holes with Venezuelan music emanating from them!

Pum Pui’s Express prides itself on the freshness of its breads, meats and vegetables, with the lamb coming from New Zealand, and the beef from Australia.

While perusing the menu, local beers are B. 60 and wine by the glass B. 90 (and not the South African “fruit” wine either).

Being a sandwich style eatery, they make their own breads and pastas, offering Arrabbiata, Bolognese, Carbonara, Napoletana, Chicken Pesto, Rucola and Parma, Vodka and salmon and a mixed seafood (but the vodka and salmon sounds interesting).

Sandwiches (B. 150-195) on offer include Shawarma, Italian Panini, lamb kebab, grilled meats, salads and coleslaw, club sandwiches and french-fries.

The ingredients in some of the sandwiches are amazing, with a Mexicano toasted sandwich having grilled marinated chicken, cheddar cheese, bell peppers, guacamole, sour cream and jalapeno peppers.

The menu continues with four salads (B. 95-175) and the aforementioned sandwiches.

Four different Panini’s (B. 135-170), with one Parma ham and goat cheese.

The grilled marinated meats (small B. 135-185 and large B. 165-220) have fun names, such as Iron Man, Istanbul, Byblos and Thor’s Hammer. I have always said that food should be fun and not just sustenance, and the owners of Pum Pui’s Express have an obvious sense of humor.

We decided on the Iron Man grilled meat in pita bread for Madame, and the Thor’s Hammer in pita for me.

These were very large and were presented already cut in halves. Thor’s Hammer contained ground beef, bacon, cheddar cheese, salad, bell pepper, tomato, red onion, jalapeno (which I deleted when we ordered, and since each item is hand made fresh, there was no problem in dropping any item in the contents) and hummus.

These dishes came wrapped in crisp pita bread and there was no stinting of the amount. I did question the French owner to ensure that we had been given standard sizes, and was assured they were.

Pum Pui’s Express is not your usual sit down restaurant (although there are four small tables taking two persons), and has no opposition over on the Dark Side. It should do well, after the word gets out, and we were very pleased with our dinner items, which were generous in size. Certainly worth picking some up on the way home, and not expensive either.

Pum Pui’s Express, Siam Country Club Road opposite Planet Football and next to Uraiwan Park View, telephone 092 762 6390, on-street parking, hours 11 a.m. until 10 p.m., open six days (closed Sundays).