A-One for an A1 Seafood BBQ


Every so often, in the hectic pace that is Pattaya with new hotels springing up every 10 minutes, you need to slow down and have another look at venues that have been here for some time – and stood the test of time.

I was reminded of this following an invitation from K. Manachart (Pop), the PR executive for the A-One Hotels, inviting the Dining Out Team to come and review their Seafood BBQ Buffet.  Checking in my notes it had been over 10 years since we last did a review at A-One.  Shame on us!

Restaurant Manager Malai.Restaurant Manager Malai.

The A-One hotels (the two “ships”) are situated between Soi 2 and Soi 3 Beach road, with the underground parking station entry from Soi 3.  However, we were informed by K. Pop that there were actually four car parks for the four different A-One buildings, plus another two hotels being built, to be opened next year.

The venue for the seafood BBQ is around the swimming pool which is below the ‘bows’ of the two A-One ‘liners’, and looking across Beach Road to the Gulf of Siam and its cooling breezes.  Comfortable chairs and a relaxing atmosphere saw us settling in very quickly.  A glass of Chilean white for Madame and a glass of Australian Little Yering red for me put us in the mood.

Like all buffets I do firmly recommend a leisurely stroll around to see exactly what is on offer.  It would be a shame to find you had no room left for something which is a favorite.

With 40 items under the watchful eye of Executive Chef Surasak (who is also president of the Chef’s Association) there are plenty to catch your eye, believe me!  Even a very colorful plate of Japanese sushi.

We began with BBQ garlic prawns.  These were large river prawns and were lip-smacking good!  I should also point out that restaurant manager Malai had taken us under her wing and was determined that we should try everything!  Not possible with so many items, but she knew how to smile and suggest another one!

Her next suggestion was oysters, which she presented as oysters natural with some condiments and a grilled oyster with more condiments.  I liked both, Madame preferred the grilled.

Another seafood BBQ item we tried was some rock lobsters, and being cooked to order these were plump and juicy and more-ish.

We were not going to get away without trying the pasta and a spaghetti Carbonara arrived having been freshly prepared for us.  This was something that I really enjoyed about this seafood BBQ buffet, was that most dishes were done in live cooking stations, meaning that your dinner was freshly cooked.

Chef Surasak.Chef Surasak.

It would not have been correct not to try a Thai item, and some Thai soup was brought for my consideration (Madame had ground to a halt by this stage).  An excellent Tom Jeud.

Some BBQ crabs were next in line, but Madame being allergic to crab, left the dish all to me.  By this stage I was done!

I finished the night with a coffee latte and took my time, letting the dinner settle.  And thank you K. Pop and K. Malai, it was a memorable evening.

The A-One BBQ Seafood Buffet is much more than a simple Seafood BBQ, with over 40 items in the live cooking stations with duck, pasta, Mongolian fried vegetables, Teppanyaki, salad bar, desserts and seasonal fruits, Thai food and much more.  The venue around the pool is very relaxing and the service staff were a delight.  The B. 1,200 all you can eat including a glass of wine is good value, but if you feel like more than one glass, the lovely Malai, suggested that a bottle at B. 950 might be the way to go.  It was!

With the Seafood BBQ on every night from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. this is one venue you should consider, and the large garlic river prawns were my pick of the evening.  We can safely say that the A-One BBQ was A1.  Do try, any night.

A-One Hotels Pattaya, 499 North Pattaya Beach Road, telephone 038 259 555, web www.a-onehotel.com.  Secure parking underneath from Soi 3.

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