Thailand eases curfew, business & leisure effective May 17

The announcement by Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha was published in the Royal Gazette on Friday May 15.
  1. Curfew times eased from 23.00 hrs – 04.00 hrs.

2. Orphanages, institutions that care for the poor and underprivileged are permitted to open. To use the premises for the benefit of society. Regular teaching, studying or training in schools is not permitted.

3. Shopping Centers and Community Halls are permitted to open from 10.00 hrs until 20.00 hrs. Restaurants and dining places in shopping malls are permitted to open, but consumption of alcoholic drinks on their premises is not permitted.

4. Beauty parlors in or outside malls including finger nails service are permitted.

5. Movie theaters, Electronic games, Bowling, Games shops, Fitness Gyms, Water parks, Zoos, Snooker shops, Massages, Amulets markets are not permitted to open.

6. Organizing any activities for promotion of sales and all competitions are not permitted.

7. Retail and wholesale businesses small and big are permitted to operate.

8. Child care centers and old age care centers are permitted to open.

9. Movie shooting sets must not have more than 50 persons participating and no spectators are allowed on the sets.

10. Meeting rooms and convention centers in hotels are permitted to open but must limit participants who must be in the same organization for easy tracing of their origins.

11. Beauty enhancement clinics for finger and toe nails, treatment of body and skin are permitted. Facial treatment is forbidden.

12. Outdoor fitness centers can open only for yoga and free weight activities.

13. Indoor sports: Only non-contact sports are permitted, such as Badminton, Takraw, Table Tennis, Squash, Gymnastics, Fencing and Cliff climbing. No spectators are allowed and each team can only have 3 players per side.

14. Swimming pools indoors and outdoors, Flower gardens, Libraries, Museums and Art centers are permitted to open.

The provincial governor has the authority to impose or ease these measures according to the situation.