Thai relatives can meet inmates using Line app


BANGKOK-Although prison visitation is suspended during the COVID-19 outbreak, the Ministry of Justice says inmates and their relatives can stay in touch through the Line mobile application, and the process is simple.

The Department of Corrections is allowing inmates and their relatives to interact with each other, using the Line app. If the relatives have already installed Line, they can simply add the Line Identification (ID): visit cida. They can use a Quick Response (QR) code to do so. The relatives are required to verify themselves by providing a copy of their ID card and a photo of the receipt for their phone number or a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card registration document. Prison staff will check the documents and keep them as evidence.


After the documents have been approved, the prison staff will make a video-call appointment for them. Each video call must not take more than 10 minutes to ensure equal service to all people. The number of participants must not exceed 10. The Line version of a visit can be used once a month. It will not be granted to inmates who are subject to disciplinary action.

Relatives are not allowed to share video clips and images of their conversation with the public. If they violate the regulation, prison staff will immediately cancel their future Line visit appointments. (NNT)