People returning home urged to strictly comply with COVID-19-related measures


Following the returning home of people during the long Holidays which may pose a risk for spreading COVID-19 despite the decreasing number of new infected patients in Thailand during the past week, the Dr. Sophon Iamsirithavorn, M.D., in his capacity as head of the Department of Disease Control’s Emergency Operation Command, sought cooperation of those who have returned home to strictly comply with various measures set by respective provinces, i.e., screening process, self-quarantine, wearing of hygienic mask, maintenance of self-hygiene, and cleanliness of public spaces. This is in order to prevent transmission of disease to their families and friends, especially to the elderlies and those with existing health problems.

People who have to go outside are strongly advised to avoid crowded places, refrain from staying close to those who have respiratory symptoms, exercise self-hygiene (washing hands, wearing masks, etc., and clean themselves immediately after returning home. They are also urged to closely follow up news and updates from Ministry of Public Health, and call Hotline 1422 if there is any query. (