UTCC points out new investment for Thai entrepreneurs


Bangkok, July 24 2012  –In the seminar under the theme of “TMB Borderless on Stage 2012,” The University of Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC) has suggested that Thai entrepreneurs invest in Myanmar. 

The UTCC has hosted “TMB Borderless on Stage 2012” seminar, chapter “AEC 2015 PROMPT”. In the seminar, the UTCC has encouraged Thai investors to join hands with Myanmar entrepreneurs, investing in Myanmar in the fields of agriculture due to the fertility of its natural resources, and automobile and parts given the large number of pre-owned vehicles. But the UTCC also recommended that Thai businessmen should not do it alone, because there are many risk factors involved and that they should partner up with the local investors to penetrate local markets.

Assistant Professor Dr. Aat Pisanwanich of the UTCC has stated that Thai entrepreneurs should grab this chance and invest in Myanmar immediately lest they might lose out to investors from other countries.