Transport Ministry rejects higher airport departure fees


BANGKOK, Oct 30 – A proposal by the Airports of Thailand (AoT) to increase departure fees for domestic and international flights will likely be turned down by the Transport Ministry.

Transport Minister Chadchat Sittipunt said the ministry would determine the cause of financial loss in its collection of departure fees, as claimed by the AoT.

AoT should find alternative to hiking the fees, he said.

AoT is a profitable state enterprise, he said, and its performance indicates it is unnecessary to increase departure fees. He expressed concern that the public would criticise the AoT move.

The AoT Board of Directors recently decided to increase departure fees by Bt100 per passenger for domestic and international flights.

The proposal has yet to be approved by the Civil Aviation Committee. The transport minister who also chairs the committee has the final say on the AoT proposal.