Thailand’s Excise Dept exempts tax for hand sanitizers alcohol amid COVID-19 spread


BANGKOK – The Excise Department has offered a tax exemption program for the processing of liqueur with 80% or more alcohol content to make hand sanitizers. A relaxation of ethanol sales regulations will be for 6 months to facilitate a capacity increase in the production of hand sanitizers amid the epidemic of COVID-19.

The Excise Department Director General Patchara Anuatasilpa said the department announced on 6 March a special guideline for companies to file 0% excise tax for liqueur with 80% or more alcohol content that has been processed into an ingredient to make hand sanitizers. This special guideline allows liqueur companies to donate their alcohol for the making of hand sanitizers.

The department is in the process of relaxing ethanol sale regulations, which will be valid until 30 September, specifically to help the production of hand sanitizing products.

The Excise Department chief said there are currently some 26 ethanol factories in Thailand, all capable of producing a total of 10 million liters monthly, with some 1 million liters excess each day. He said the current availability of ethanol is sufficient for the production of sanitizing products for the general public.

The department has received a donation of 300,000 liters of alcohol from ethanol manufacturers. It will be distributing this to the general public for free at 100 liters per day for 30 days, starting this month.