Thailand to negotiate with EU on generalised system of preferences


BANGKOK, July 5 – Thailand’s Trade Negotiations Department has been assigned to speed up its negotiations with the European Union (EU) on its new generalised system of preferences (GSP) in order that some Thai merchandise items should still be listed under such a system.

The EU’s new tariff under the new GSP will take effect in 18 months. Fifty-seven Thai items are likely to be dropped from the new GSP.

Commerce Minister Boonsong Teriyapirom said Thai delegation will travel to Europe at the end of July in order to clarify to its delegates that some of the Thai goods should still be maintained in the GSP list for the Thai entrepreneur ability to compete.

Thailand’s income per capita currently exceeds US$3,700/year, the amount indicated by the EU for countries to receive its generalised system of preferences.

Regarding the ongoing H1N1 pandemic in China which might affect Thai chicken exports to the EU, Mr Boonsong said he believed such goods will not be impacted. Thailand’s poultry farming is managed under a closed system with controllable prevention, he said.

The European Union re-started importing Thai chicken from July 1 after imposing a ban since 2004 due to the pandemic at that time in the country.