Thailand suggested to become an economic hub of ASEAN


BANGKOK, 22 April 2011 -Chairperson of the International Trade Negotiation Committee Dr. Nilsuwan Leelarasamee said with ASEAN nations trading freely among themselves, and their economic strength combined, exports to China would be made easy as well as the rest of nations outside ASEAN. 

Dr. Nilsuwan said since 1992, the Free Trade Agreements or the FTA conducted in the ASEAN region was to promote zero tariffs in all products. This year, the emphasis on inter-ASEAN investments and human resources has been greater, although she said exports to non member nations were also important in boosting regional economy.

She cautioned however, that there were pros and cons now that China had joined ASEAN. Investors need to be aware of their moves and interests in this region. Thailand should also be made an economic hub, opening doors for investments and building negotiation powers.