Thailand ranked 27th among most competitive countries


BANGKOK, 19 June 2013 Thailand has just been ranked 27th among countries with the most competitiveness, moving up 3 notches from last year. 

According to Government Spokesperson Teerat Ratanasevi, the International Institute for Management Development (IMD), a Swiss-based business school, has ranked Thailand at number 27 in World Competitiveness this year. Among the ASEAN nations, Thailand lags behind only 2 countries: Malaysia and Singapore.

The World Competitiveness Survey, conducted in 60 countries, shows that Thailand has improved in terms of economic expansion, GDP growth, currency stability, political conflicts, and tourism revenue. However, the survey also indicates the country’s weaknesses, including its long-term unemployment, lack of scientific research, and corruption.

Last year, the IMD ranked Thailand at the 30th position out of 59 countries surveyed, suggesting that Thailand need to improve in 3 aspects: government efficiency, business efficiency, and infrastructure.