Thailand number 6 in the world to suffer from high fuel price


BANGKOK, 16 May 2012 – With the unproportional relation between fuel price and average daily income, Thailand has been ranked as the sixth country in the world where people are suffering from “pain at the pump”. 

Leading business and financial news provider Bloomberg has recently released a list ranking 55 countries by their average fuel price and by “pain at the pump,” which is measured by the percentage of average daily income needed to buy a gallon of fuel.

Norwegians pay the highest amount of money for fuel, at 9.69 dollars/gallon, followed by Denmark (9.37 dollars/gallon), Italy (9.35 dollars/gallon), Netherlands (9.35 dollars/gallon) and Greece (9.23 dollars/gallon). However, the countries which tops the fuel price list are not those suffering most from the soaring rate given the high income per capita.

The number one country on Bloomberg’s “pain at the pump” list is India, where the fuel price is deemed slightly high at 6.06 dollars/gallon in comparison with the average daily income of only 4.50 dollars. The low income combined with the pricey fuel has resulted in the country’s energy poverty and the people’s limited access to electricity and clean energy.

Meanwhile, Thailand ranks sixth on the “pain at the pump” list, with fuel priced at 4.96 dollars/gallon in relation to an average daily income of 16 dollars.