Thailand aims to be world leader in fashion, textile design


BANGKOK, Sept 29 The Thailand Textile Institute (THTI) plans to develop Thailand into a world-leader of fashion and textile design in 15 years, by the year 2030.


The goal was expressed in THTI’s annual conference on textile and fashion. Pramote Withayasuk, assistant to the industry minister, opened the conference that included an exhibition of award-winning and qualified entries from the Creative Textiles Award 2014 contest.

THTI Director Suttinee Poopaka said the institute had 15-year strategies to develop the textile industry of Thailand and they responded to the industrial development master plan of the country.

The strategies consist of three phases of implementation. In the first phase that will begin in 2016, the institute will make Thailand the regional center of fashion and textile procurement and trade. This will promote relevant operators in ASEAN.

In the second phase, Thailand will become the center of product design and development for world-renowned brands in 2021.

Ms Suttinee said that Thailand was ready to host headquarters and regional offices due to its infrastructures, public utilities, human resources and roles as a transit point for product distribution to Asian countries including Southeast Asian and South Asian ones.

In the third phase, Ms Suttinee said that in 2030 the institute would promote Thailand to become the world leader in fashion culture and textile design by integrating strong contemporary cultures with relevant industries of the country.