Thaicom 6 satellite to be put into orbit by August


BANGKOK, June 19 – Thai-based satellite company Thaicom Plc plans to launch its Thaicom 6 satellite into orbit and is expected to provide service by August this year.

According to Chief Executive Officer Suphajee Suthumpun, the company has already sold more than 60 per cent of its Thaicom 6 transponders, with most customers from Thailand, sub-Saharan Africa, Egypt and Somalia.

Meanwhile, the company has provided an interim satellite at 78.5 degrees East for two months before launching Thaicom 6 into orbit. The strategy helps the company earn more revenue. The interim satellite will be removed once Thaicom 6 is in service.

Thaicom plans to send its Thaicom 7 satellite into orbit by the end of June next year. More than 40 per cent of its transponders have already been sold.