Thai Parliament to host 4th AIPA Caucus to discuss natural disaster management


BANGKOK, 26 April 2012 – Thailand’s Parliament is set to host an international meeting of parliamentarians from 10 ASEAN nations, which will focus on the region’s readiness to handle natural disaster. 

Senate Speaker , General Thiradej Meepian, has joined opposition leader Abhisit Vejjajiva on Wednesday to hold a press conference on the preparation for the 4th ASEAN Inter Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA) Caucus, which will be hosted by Thai Parliament.

The international gathering of parliamentarians from 10 Southeast Asian countries is scheduled during April 30th and May 3rd, at Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel in Bangkok.

General Thiradej said that the main discussion topics at this year’s meeting include the update on the implementation of AIPA, the presentation on each country’s disaster management program and the drafting of laws on disaster management as well as the establishment of the AIPA Caucus Group of Parliamentarians.

The Senate Speaker stated that Thailand hopes that its hosting of the event will help boost confidence in the country on the international stage while promoting close cooperation in various areas among all ASEAN member nations.