Thai Chamber of Commerce to help out with project to provide well-priced meals


BANGKOK, 16 September 2015 – The Thai Chamber of Commerce has expressed its willingness to help the Ministry of Commerce drive its “Nu Nit Pha Chim” project to ensure the public has access to well-priced meals. 

The Thai Chamber of Commerce revealed it will select appropriate food shops to participate in its low-cost food outlets project that will mimic that of the Ministry of Commerce’s. The provincial offices of the Ministry of Commerce will find sources of well-priced raw materials for the participating food shops so the latter can sell at prices between 30 and 35 baht per dish. The project will first be piloted in 32 provinces in all regions of the country.

According to the Thai Chamber of Commerce, the low-cost food outlets project by the Ministry of Commerce has been ongoing for a year and there are some 3,000 participating food shops. In the past month, the project was able to reduce the public’s cost of living by an average of 2.7 million baht per day. The current target is to increase the number of participating food shops to 10,000 within 2016.