Thai auto sales drop in May due to decline in Japanese manufacturing


BANGKOK, June 17 – Thailand’s auto sales volume in May dropped 10 per cent compared to the same period last year as a result of the decline in production capacity of the Japanese automotive industry.

Toyota Motor Thailand Senior Vice President Wuttikorn Suriyachantananon said the sales volume in May reached only 55,851 units for passenger vehicles, the largest drop in the past 21 months.

However, the first five months of this year saw 361,753 units sold, which was a new record high. The rise in the cumulative figure counted as 26 per cent year-on-year.

The demand for sedans rose 33 per cent, while vehicles for commercial purposes increased 21 per cent owing in part to the improving domestic economy and more exports that encouraged consumers’ higher purchasing power.

Mr Wuttikorn said the auto sales volume in June is likely to grow, thanks to Japan’s ability to produce automobiles and the Thai government’s economic measures to boost consumers’ spending. (MCOT online news)