TAT: Tuesday blackout has posed no impact on Thai tourism


BANGKOK, 22 May 2013 The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has come out to assure that the blackout that hit 14 southern Provinces on Tuesday has not had any impact on the tourism sector. 

TAT Governor Suraphon Svetasreni said on Wednesday that the biggest blackout Thailand has seen in over 3 decades has not posed any negative impact on the travel industry just yet.

Mr. Suraphon stated that several hotels have been equipped with their own back-up generators, therefore, the brownout that lasted a few hours on Tuesday night did not directly hit the tourism business.

Mr. Suraphon’s affirmation was based on reports from TAT offices across the country.

Meanwhile, Tourism Council of Thailand President Piyaman Tejapaibul added that a number of major hotels in the South have confirmed that they were not troubled by the brownout although many believe the situation could have psychological effect on travelers.

The TAT Governor said that all agencies involved in energy should start planning long-term solutions while major tourist destinations should now consider back-up plans for the future.