SSO approved an increase in work-related accident compensation to THB1mil


ANGKOK, 1 September 2012  – The Social Security Office has agreed in principle to increase the medical care coverage for workers, who have suffered injuries from work-related accidents. 

Permanent Secretary to Labor Somkiat Chayasriwong said that the Social Security Office (SSO) on Friday has resolved to raise the amount of medical expenses for workers injured on the job from 300,000 baht to 1 million baht each.

Mr. Somkiat said that the increase needs an endorsement from the Compensation Fund Committee before being put into effect.

In theory, workers, whose medical expenses exceed 300,000 baht, will need the treating hospital to calculate the Relative Weight (RW) of their conditions, to determine their eligibility for a higher compensation.

Mr. Somkiat said that only the cases of workers, whose RW is equivalent to or higher than 20, will be reviewed by the SSO to see if it will pay up to the maximum of 1 million baht, as suggested in the new policy.

If implemented, the Permanent Secretary to Labor reckoned that the first compensation, which is capped at 500,00 baht will be paid out within 15 days after the submission of all documents, while the balance, which is also limited at 500,000 baht will be disbursed within 30 days.

He expects the amendment of the ministerial rules in this issue to be officially approved and announced in the Royal Gazette within 6 months from now.