Singaporean businesspeople hold trade talks with Thai counterparts in Chiang Mai


BANGKOK, 17 February 2012  – The Thai export promotion agency has organized a meeting between entrepreneurs in Chiang Mai and their counterparts from Singapore, ahead of an international exhibition in the City State later this year. 

The Department of Export Promotion’s Thai Trade Center has recently led representatives from 20 Singapore-based companies to meet producers in Chiang Mai.

The Singaporean delegation comprises trade representatives, members of the Gift Association (Singapore), and purchasing teams from ISETAN Department Store in Singapore.

Ms. Bunika Jamsai, Minister-Counsellor on Commerce at the Bureau of Trade and Investment Cooperation of the Thai embassy in Singapore, said that the annual cross-border trade value between Thailand and Singapore stands at US$25 billion and the figures tend to rise further each year.

According to Ms. Bunika, Thailand’s major export items are electronic parts, electrical appliances, engines, food, vegetables, fruit, and Thai Hom Mali (Jasmine) rice.

She added that Singapore’s rice import from Thailand accounts for 80% of the country’s total rice import.

Many products from Chiang Mai such as ceramics and home decorative items have proved popular in Singapore due to their uniqueness and artistic beauty . Longan and tea are another two products Singaporean consumers buy from this northern capital of Thailand.

The meeting between Singapore’s clients and Thailand’s vendors also focused on the selection of products that will be put on display at the Thai product promotion and PR booth at ISETAN Department Store in Singapore, during June 5-14.