“Shift Happens” – AFG goes blogging


The Automotive Focus Group (AFG), the fastest growing common interest group on the Eastern Seaboard, held another of its monthly meetings, this time at the Amari Orchid Resort in Pattaya.

Each month there is a speaker covering different subjects, but all focused around the automotive scene.  This time it was Uli Kaiser, a self confessed IT freak who spoke to the group on the AFG Blog and how to access it, and how to contribute to it.

Uli presented some amazing statistics, showing that information and its dissemination were increasing exponentially with technical knowledge now doubling every two years.  This he referred to as “Shift Happens”.  Very shortly, if not now, at least by the time I have finished typing this, China will have the largest number of English speaking people in the world.  There were also 2.7 billion internet searches on Google – this month!  The five most needed jobs in 2008 were not even thought of in 1998, and we are now trying to train young people for positions that are not even known.

The second half of Uli’s presentation was to bring to the attention of the AFG members a proposed statistics project to be run with KPMG.  The survey would be on items pertaining to the automotive industry in Thailand, and the statistics would be collated by KPMG, from information supplied by the AFG members.  At this stage, it is still a discussion topic, as many hurdles would have to be cleared, such as confidentiality agreements, which are common in the industry, and how the information could be given without breaking those agreements.

The AFG website can be accessed at afg-thailand. blogspot.com, and the secretariat through Maurice Bromley at [email protected].