SET: Thai capital market a long term saving platform for country


Thailand’s capital market is larger than the nation’s economy and will be a dependable source of growth and income, the SET president says.

The president of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) Kesara Manchusree has given a lecture at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce on the subject ‘Thailand’s Capital Market and Investment connectivity in AEC Stock Market’.

She said that the role of Thailand’s capital market is an important finding platform that allows entrepreneurs to access capital funds from diverse sources, and it is an important mechanism to push the Thai economy forward both during expansion and the recession periods.

She has said that the SET has seen an increasing amount of capital registered, while the registered companies employ about 1.1 million Thais, and the capital market mechanism also allows the government to gain income from taxes, which will help reduce the government’s investment budget.

The SET president has mentioned that the registered Thai companies have been profiting continuously, and possess a higher growth rate than the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The total profits by Thai registered companies are now growing at 1.8 times higher that the nation’s GDP after the global economic crisis, which is the highest among ASEAN countries.